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A WALK IN THE PARK By Carol Elaine Deys Sometimes it is just the appreciation of the little every day things which are forgotten, and seem to be "thrown under the bus." We forget to take time to "smell the roses." Gathering our strength for the day, my husband and I decided to join in the fun down at the Macedon Canal Park this morning. First and foremost we had to decide whether or not we should dress for winter! Brrr....cold out there. Besides that, the wind was blowing which added to our choice in what we were going to wear. Now mind you, it is August! Would you believe that it is August? Our jaunt down to the park included a few extra jackets, and when one of the school children came walking down the path in a short sleeve shirt and shorts our nurturing spirit took hold. We asked him if he would like to wear one of the jackets and surprisingly enough, he quickly said "yes." Of course the sleeves went down to his knees, but he didn't seem to care. The point of this story is - generations had a chance to share, strangers in fact - but life has a funny way of teaching us comradery and the sharing spirit - and the fact that it was accepted in all good cause was our hope for tomorrow's families. When it was time to leave, our new friend brought the jacket over - all neatly folded, and thanked us. For this I am grateful. Some of the summer school children from our local school became thoroughly involved in our Butterfly Trail Project. Oh, what a blessing that was! Made into a school project, it quickly became fodder for the creative mind - and wonderful things were made to celebrate our common space. Led by their wonderful teachers, they studied the lives of our beautiful butterflies who are and will be visiting our Trail. Signs were created all along the trail to inform us of their work, and the history of some of our visitors to come. Others jumped right in there to finish the project, and it was the unveiling of these signs this morning that was such an exciting event to see. There were also colorful raised garden beds which will be tended by these classes. They watered them this morning, and added their signatures to the side of every garden. We counted at least fifty people who braved the cold winds, and to the children and their escorts who walked down from the school and back, a huge BRAVO and thank you from the project (I heard it on the wind ) that is evolving daily in the Spirit of Hope in our common communities.....The Macedon Canal Park's Butterfly & Nature Trail - harmony at its best!! The Village Pride Committee of Macedon is beginning to see some of their wonderful vision take hold, and we have Our Mayor, Marie Cramer , Books, ETC's John and Maryanne Cieslinski Miller and all of the courageous, hard-working volunteers to thank for that. Some more good news! Rosalie Gabbert, our Dear Friend and Lady of the Library for many, many years has had her new book published. Now available on Amazon.com it is entitled MR. BEE MAN: The Story of Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth, Father of American Beekeeping. I was in the Writer's Group at the Macedon Public Library when Rosalie's idea began to flourish, and I am so proud of my friend's accomplishment. I happily purchased my copy this morning, and am looking forward to a personal autograph! To publish a book is not an easy task, and she has stuck with the project through thick and thin, as the old saying goes. BRAVO to you, Rosalie. Now we need a butterfly book! Hint, Hint! Back to the trail we go, and I would like to tell you how very beautiful it was this morning. For one thing when we first drove into the Park, several NY State trucks were busy doing what they do - and I am sure that it was fun for the youngsters to see all of that going on. I counted many wild morninglories along the pathway, and one little purple petunia standing tall to greet us all. As soon as enough money is raised, wildflower seeds appropriate for our area will be strewn along the pathway, and won't the evolving aspect of this be a sight to see. Good times, growing children....one was a tiny, tiny little girl with water bottle clutched in her hand, Mommy on guard as she wandered to the side of the pathway...and positive, appreciative adults gathering together to celebrate one little point in time......our lovely Butterfly and Nature Trail. Come on down!


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