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Story By:  ROBERT STOPPER, Lyons

Jeff & Karen Siegel aboard their boat, A Capella
Mention the words, “Active Captain” to serious boaters, and the response might be, “You mean the Bible of the boating world? I follow it faithfully!” “Active Captain” is an interactive cruising guide book on the web.  For boaters, it is a quickly accessed location to learn what other boaters have said about a particular marina or community. All the data is gathered through “crowd sourcing” to “Active Captain”. The web site, with over 200,000 viewers, is followed throughout the world! Founders and owners of the site “Active Captain” are Jeff and Karen Siegel. 

At the request of many boaters, especially “Great Loopers”, Jeff and Karen are far from their home port of Castine, Maine. In their DeFever 53RPH Trawler, they are presently plying the waters of the Western Erie Canal and visiting communities along the waterway.

Jeff and Karen are on a mission- to provide updated information about each canalside community and to offer possible ways to better promote each community and the Erie Canal. After evaluating the docking area, touring the community, and meeting with representatives of the community, updates are immediately placed on the Active Captain website for the world to see.

On Tuesday evening, July 30, Jeff and Karen met with members of the Lyons Community, including Mayor Corrine Kleisle, Lyons Town Supervisor Brian Manktelow, members of the Meet and Greet Crew, and other representatives of the community.   After giving a personal evaluation of the present status of the Erie Canal, Jeff and Karen, from the lens of “world- wide tourists”, evaluated the Lyons docking area and the community at large. (Jeff and Karen have lived on their boat for the past 11 years and have traveled thousands of nautical miles).  

They found both the docking area and the community, especially the Hotchkiss Building and the Wayne County Museum, very favorable to the boater tourist. Then they offered several ideas for consideration which might enhance future boaters to stop, visit, and then stay at the dock for the night and possibly even for several days. A general discussion followed the presentation.

After walking the streets, visiting several stores, touring the Hotchkiss Building, the County Museum, Dobbins Park and Murals, Abbey Park, Lock E 56, The Ohmann, and the Trail of Hope, Jeff and Karen concluded the second day of their visit by attending a Jazz Concert on the Village Green, accompanied by their beautiful Golden Labs, Dylan and DeeDee.  Ironically, music lovers of the evening vied for the privilege of walking the dogs. Yes, in the category of “Dog friendly,” Lyons is listed as “Outstanding”!  

A special “Thank you” to Jeff and Karen for assisting all the Erie Canal Communities in their quest for more boating tourists.  To see what the world- national as well as international- is reading, and to see what boaters are saying about your community, visit www.activecaptain.com


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1 Comment to "“Active Captain” and a Capella visit Lyons on the Erie Canal"

  1. Gil Burgess Said,

    Another well-written story, Bob!

    Posted on Sun Aug 04, 10:03:00 PM EDT


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