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MORE GOOD NEWS by Carol Elaine Deys I look upon the past, present and future with amazing grace. Although I have seen the directive influence of many positive moves in both the Village and the Town of Macedon. I now realize that the future holds only more enriched discernment by all who are concerned with the directive work of both places. We are seeing growth in many ways. We are seeing change - and isn't there always? We are discerning that a good life, well-lived has a way of taking the negative and turning it into a more expansive way of discerning the good for all. I wait upon these possibilities, and look forward to seeing them all in action. Last week several of us listened to Jeff and Karen Siegel of Active Captain.com - an interactive website with information about ports all over the world. They spoke eloquently to the Palmyra Village Board - and we were fortunate enough to not only listen to their message, but also go across the street to The Park Rooms for further sharing. This couple is on a personal tour of the Erie Canal with stops planned in canal communities across the state. Wayne County has been included. They spoke of A&A - (Activities & Attractions) - events, sites, reasons-to-stop-and-linger that would be easily accessible from the canal. Reminding us several times that half a mile of walking is more when one is actually walking - which they do! They had many ideas for our area alone, and we looked forward to seeing them as they docked in Macedon. Well, then we had a surprise. As we drove into the Macedon Canal Park with gifts of freshly picked cucumbers, zucchini, and a bottle of Dave Bruinix & Family's Para-Deys Acres' Maple Syrup - our hearts were saddened to see them moving past our docking place, and heading towards Fairport. Come to find out, some of the mourings were not quite set for their larger boat. This couple has lived on the water for eleven years. Of course, they are very, very careful with the boat they own. It is their every day home! We live and learn every day - this experience of docking and entertaining new friends at Macedon Canal Park is brand new to us. Correcting things daily, especially things that are so vital to the incoming boats and passengers - we move forward. If you are computer-savvy, take a look at the Active Captain site. We chased our new friends down to the Fairport dock, and made sure that we were able to deliver the goods to them. Two beautiful Yellow Labs live on the boat with them, and we had the opportunity to again share with these pioneering friends from Maine. John Addyman had a wonderful article in The Wayne County Post re the exciting Farm Market that is now evolving right behind the Library and Town Hall in Macedon. We need more news of this kind, bringing forth a better balance of positive awareness in our local community. Thank you, John....and a deeply felt thank you to all of the Vendors who work so hard to provide these wonderful goods for us. .....And last but certainly not least, I remind you that again we had a concert at Macedon Canal Park. To those who have not yet come to one of these events - we invite you to the Autumn on the Erie event -October 6th, our Get to Know Your Neighbor Picnic 10:00 AM to 2:00 at The Canal Park Pavilion. We will have an actual pie of one's choice baking contest, and with everyone bringing a dish to pass - I don't think you will lack for a delicious lunch! Keep tuned!! Last night our concert featured the GOLDEN EAGLES STRING BAND. If you were able to keep your feet still during their foot/stomping music - you just don't know good music when you hear it! Little ones dancing all over the place! A brand new baby boy, safely arrived - graced our sharing. Our beautiful guide dogs came again with their loving, caring trainers. Such a powerful dedication of dogs and people combined. For this we are grateful! The Macedon Fire Department provided us with delicious food - and guess what, those fancy ice cream bars showed up again. I'm told that there will be a Movie in the Gravino Park - starting at dusk on Sept. 6th Madagascar. It's a free family event.... especially free popcorn! Bring your own chairs, blankets and bug spray! Pray for good weather. Now I shall close this epistle of hope. Gathering strength for the days to come, we wish you all a pleasant August. We are told that school is in the air. I have many memories here - but also think of the days when it was time for them all to get on the bus. After the bus drove away, the house became much too quiet and it took me awhile to remember where I was when June first started. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to be home with the children. How the days have changed for many. From my Great/Grandmotherly point of view, times have a way of moving along. Please take precious care of what you have, and our common communities are one of those treasurers. Carol Elaine Deys - Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel


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