two thousand twenty
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SHHHHHHH.............. It's the best kept secret in Macedon, and sometimes I wonder why? Don't know what I'm talking about? Do you know why you don't? Because it seems to be such a well kept secret, and only a few people know about it. If you will listen closely, and truly pay attention - I will share some of its assets, and maybe you will guess - and better than that, attend next year. Seventy people gathered at the Elmer Clark Pavilion near the Butterfly Nature Trail in the Village of Macedon Canal Park. Do you know where that is? They brought dishes to pass and pies for a contest. The Kiwanis Club set up a bouncy house, tables with pumpkins to paint, cooked hot dogs, Italian sausage, and hamburgers for all of us. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Music by the Lester Funk Band was our privilege. They sure can play a mean tune, and we have invited them back for next year. The award-winning Towpath Fife & Drum had a beautiful display, and the large colored photo of the Corps was spectacular! Several vendors were there to encourage us. Each in their own way they added beauty to our Autumn on The Erie - Get to Know Your Neighbor Picnic. Van Bortel Chevrolet had many vehicles parked on display, and we were informed that every test ride taken at the dealership will secure ten dollars towards the Cancer Fund, and this in turn, will be matched by Chevrolet. Lowe's sent over an entire box of small hammers and kits for the children to build. Sometimes the rhythmic hammers tapping were easily confused with the beat of the drums, and many of us danced at will. The ending results were treasure boxes and cars. A definite royal applause to Lowe's for providing all of this, and to our Mayor Marie Cramer for the extra time she takes to secure these wonderful events. Serving her community from the depth of her spirit, she is deeply appreciated. Seven Certificates of Recognition were given to community members, and some of them were totally surprised to receive them. A community is a community is a community. Built from the heart of good deeds happening, good people gathering and common sense evolving - we are blessed to have community. It seems that there are many who believe in community, and take the time to participate in at least some of their events. Let's not keep them such a secret any more. Spread the word that the Village is growing - new businesses are flowering, new ideas are generating - and if you didn't make the picnic this year, you were missed. Please watch for further events in the months to come. We need all of the fun we can get in this world of uncertain changes. Today was a fun day! Carol Elaine Deys Resident of Para-Deys Acres in Macedon, New York


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