two thousand twenty
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THE RESPONSIVE LIGHT Where does healing begin? Where does the necessary extension of energy start to flow to the point where it truly does make a difference? Last night we followed suit by listening to one of our own read a meditative journey to all of us. Considering our diversified pasts, it was nice to see a common ground where each in our own way we found comfort in the work at hand .... healing. Allowing ourselves to take this journey was the key to functioning as a whole, and we managed to do this. On this journey the sea rose to meet us, juxtapositioning in the sand nearby. The men were very comfortable with this place of quiet, but the first thing I thought about was "What is in that sand waiting to grab my feet?" Again each in our own way we attributed healing, and it must be that somewhere, some place I had been conditioned that way? Perhaps it is a thing that women negotiate every time they go out the door. Perhaps it is a place of justice's command where the noticeable things are just under the sand waiting to cause them difficulties. Perhaps it is a childhood fear that brothers taught us to keep us in line. One never knows. Like Halloween, intimidation seems to loom here, and I know not where or what brought this forth for me. It is our intent to find healing in many ways - this small group of neighbors who have gathered to share this positioning in our village. Once a month we find time to do this, and the Healing Circle at Books, ETC. maintains. Always the same with the intent to heal - never the same in the following it finds listening. I have had considerable experience with a healing ministry in my life's purposeful direction. Ordained by the Spirit of Love, I have seen many miracles and sometimes when one least expects it, this does occur. May God continue to bless our small efforts to make a difference not only in our personal lives, but also in the places surrounding our small village. May the following which has accumulated over the years stand strong in the need to gather in peace. May we never, ever again face up to injustice with injustice. May we continue to take the high road, discerning that although "the road less traveled" - it IS the way to go. I have heard from many sources that "equity" is an important dignity in any given project. The "equity' of the village remains as tried and true. The "equity" of those who put their lives on hold while they built this "equity" remains as positive and now realigning in peace. To hear it told you would think that it doesn't count! It is the "equity" within selves which makes or breaks our lives. Building this strength of dignified response takes time. May we continue to benefit from the chosen equity we have gathered, and may the value we have sustained benefit all who surround. A healing circle they say. Hmmmmm - I would suggest that perhaps this circle is growing for all concerned, and we have only just begun to recognize its impact upon the world as a whole. The blessings flow. One just needs to know where to look for them, and it isn't always where you think they might appear. Sometimes it is truly in the depth of our own spiritual recovery, touching those who surround with dignity and the grace of learning what is best for all of us - not just the chosen few. God has blessed me in many ways. It is my prayer that by sharing the continued wealth I have received, many will be touched with healing. Our village, our town, our country - all in need of healing. Let us demand equal authority in all we do, knowing that by "playing fair" in the equity choices we manage to determine, we shall make the right choices and that Love shall win out over all. Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel


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