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SUBMITTED by Nancy Kasper, Huron (10-Nov-2013)


This Thanksgiving, how will we celebrate the tradition of giving thanks for all we receive? - For the support of family, friends, community, and the blessings of earthly life experience? - Of seeing the beauty, intelligence, diversity and perfection surrounding us and how it fills us with wonder and nourishes our spirit.

Will we take a moment as we sit at the table to contemplate how closely linked we are to our environment, how it actually becomes us, as the earth and sun and waters that gave life to the plants and animals now nourish our life?

Our Mother Earth was designed to support life, as we were designed to understand and gratefully care for Her in return. That lesson carries great urgency today in the world so altered by human behavior. As we've pressured her to give us more than we need for so long, we've created imbalance, violated natural law and disrupted regenerative cycles, creating a precariously unsustainable environment. The planet cannot bear the burden of human existence as it is. We must change our behavior and restore Her ability to support us.

So how will we express our gratitude this year? Will we carry it beyond the Thanksgiving table into a more mindful way of being on the earth, or continue to allow the distractions of modern life to separate us from the deeper truth of who we are as members of one greater family of Creation?

When we honor the sanctity of all creation, fulfill our responsibility as caretakers, and understand that the well-being of all beings affects our own wholeness, we learn what true wealth means.

Remember, that in giving, we receive. Lightening your impact on our planet could be your gift of thanks for life and your children's future.


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