two thousand twenty
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CHRISTMAS GATHERING TIME Many times we think of Christmas as one or two valued days. It is my truth that there are many levels of achievement which flavor a real Christmas season with sugar and spice, and yes, everything nice! The fullness of our lives depends upon one's approach to any and all situations. For example, last Friday there was a Torch parade in and through the Village of Macedon. Beginning with the gathering of participants, the sounds of the drummers' tandem beat (thanks to our royal Towpath Fyfe & Drum Corps) and the lighting of the torches - they marched down Erie St. collecting volunteer marchers along the way. A little bit of Christmas magic began to shine as they turned onto Main St. and again, lit another set of lights on the Village Christmas Tree. With carols shared by many fine voices, Christmas magic again touched our lives. The addition of safe/keeping fire trucks decorated to the hilt with colorful lights added sparkle to the Celebration. Norb Miller, Recreation Director and Marie Cramer, Mayor of the Village worked diligently to support this celebration. We then followed the guardian of the parade, a police car, up Center St. towards the Middle School. With lights flashing and torches lit, the Gatherers met at the school for entertainment and yummy refreshments. A gentlemen spoke gallantly of his time in the service, sharing his experiences with us. Standing strong, straight and proud of his accomplishments, he rose to speak touching many with his powerful words. Then it was time for the Pal-Mac Select Choir to perform for us. We were told that they will be singing at Carnegie Hall very soon. Can you imagine? What an honor for them, and for all of us. I do hope that the audience appreciates them as much as we did. There was only one disappointment in the whole evening, and that was the absence of members of both the Town and Village Boards at this celebration. Understanding how busy we all are, I look upon this as a gentle reminder that all are welcome to these celebrations - especially those who have worked so hard to make a uniting difference. The Principles of Gathering are a long sought after expression of hope in many places who are grounded by the value system of a place worth celebrating. We make memories at Christmas, or do the memories make us? Again, how we approach this magnificent celebration of The Christ love makes all of the difference in the responsive light which surrounds us all. We're making paper scrolls tied with red bows and happy wishes to be placed on John & Maryann's Books, ETC.'s Christmas tree, which will be read and shared on the 14th, along with a visit from Santa and happy Christmas memory experiences. I would say that the Village and the Town are alive with Gathering experiences. May we never forget the value of Christmas and all it means to each and every one of us, each in our own way contributing to positive experiences in Macedon as a whole. My husband and I raised many sons. One "went home" in 1981 at the age of 14. As we were trimming our twenty foot tall tree in the log cabin we had personally built a bit before Christmas in the December of 1981, my sorrow was great as I opened a box of stockings to be hung. There was son John's stocking, and I thought I would never make it through the holi-days. As I picked up his stocking, I spiritually heard my Grandmother, Vienna Amanda say to me - "It's OK - he is with us." I felt instantaneous joy. It has never left me. Still bringing tears to my eyes, I reflect upon these words knowing that despite all rumors to the contrary, those who make the decisions for the future of Macedon will be attendant to the fact that although we may not always perceive at the same level, we must remain present and be present at occasions of special celebrations. Perhaps it is there where we may rediscover the original purpose of our Common Voice - the Gathering of the people, represented by those who are truly paying attention to the voices of the people, and sharing in the wisdom of a place worth celebrating. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who have made Macedon a place of shared prosperity - and MERRY CHRISTMAS to the wonder of a place worth honoring. After all - aren't we the Center of the Universe? Glad tidings to all of you, and a cup of hot-mulled cider with cookies for sharing. Please remember "It's OK - He IS with us," and hope shall continue to prevail! Carol Elaine Deys Para-Deys Acres


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