two thousand twenty
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Another fire Department is a waste of taxpayer money. The new building and the maintenance of that building, repairs, heating, lighting, etc., will cost more than contracting with the Village. Why is the supervisor taking that route? It sounds like a case of ego--Goliath just picking on the little guy. Why should our tax money be wasted to help someone’s ego win a game? We know it is just a game because he ordered the fire trucks to take a victory lap through the village to show off his triumphant manipulation. Here is the same supervisor who wants to take back sales tax money from the schoolchildren. This tells you a little of the supervisor’s priorities. And where is the editor of the Times who is the “dragon of wasted tax-payer money?” He seems remarkably silent about this tax waste. Is there a conflict of interest here? Well the supervisor has won, but every resident has lost financially. While the fire trucks go to town, the taxpayers are taken to the cleaners. The residents of Macedon are intelligent and they remember. John Cieslinski


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  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Wow, I hadn't heard of this development.

    The village fire department has 'bandwidth' to be able to handle calls from town residents and businesses and yet the town will no longer be partnering with the village (I assume that until now, there has been a contract with the village servicing the town)?

    Does the town plan for its new construction to include "a tower that reaches to the heavens" as well?

    Posted on Fri Dec 06, 04:03:00 PM EST


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