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“Meg-N-Rosies”- Americana at its Best!

Robert Stopper, Lyons

If dining at “Meg-N-Rosies” at 78 Canal Street in Lyons, NY is not on your New Year’s Resolution list, you may be missing one of life’s greatest moments. Established in 2013, “Meg-N-Rosies” is the Lyons equivalent of Garrison Kellior’s “Chatter Box Café”- good food, great fun, lots of chatter, lots of opinionated opinions, a bit of gossip, morning regulars, strangers from afar, and locals from around the corner.

According to several morning munchers who preferred to remain anonymous, “If you want to go to heaven, order the gravy and biscuits with a side of eggs and bacon and a toasted creamed cheese bagel”. Another morning patron volunteered, “Hey, sometimes it gets pretty hectic- you might not get what you ordered, but I guarantee you it is gonna be darn good,” and everyone laughed!

When you walk in the door, you will probably be greeted by Tracy or Meg, former owners of Meg’s Café. They pride themselves in knowing the names and preferences of customers. If they don’t know your name when you walk in, they will definitely know your name when you leave! Perhaps a greeting sign at the entrance door best describes the atmosphere of this family eatery: “Feel free to share your booth- No one is a stranger here”!

Photos of friends, family, community activities, and many greeting cards adorn the walls. A “Lyons Memory Hall of Fame”, including photos of Lyons in the glory days of basketball with Jim Boeheim, is displayed behind the serving counter. Seasonal decorations complete the décor. A “Guest book” already contains signatures of visitors from around the world. Flyers and advertisements for local activities are free for the taking.

Early morning breakfast patrons are frequently amazed at the aggressive and stimulating conversations held by Jimzie and the Boys, a group of locally, well-known, distinguished senior elders. They vibrantly reminisce on yesteryear and pontificate on tomorrow. Many of them were born and raised on the “Southside”. Most of them are military veterans. They all played sports “in the day”, and each of them can remember the day, time, and phase of the moon for every baseball, football, and basketball game ever played in Lyons during the past 75 years! Just ask them!

A quick overview of the January daily menu specials include: buy one, get one free breakfast sandwiches, special breakfast trash plates, and a French Toast Challenge on Wednesdays from 9-11. Kids 12 and under eat free on Fridays (1 kid per I adult please) 4-6 PM. Smokin Sweet Chili is always smoking hot and ready to be served.

According to Tracy and Meg, “The local community and visitors in general have been so supportive of our new restaurant adventure. We hope to continue to make dining here a unique and fun experience. We plan to have monthly specials and surprise offerings. This summer, we even plan to have something special for the boaters and bikers from the Erie Canalway - it will be fun”!

This month “Meg-N-Rosies” is introducing their very own specialty sandwich – slow roasted beef prepared fresh each day. The preparation of the beef follows a bit of Grandma Rosie’s secret recipe. Piled high, the new sandwich is aptly called “The Beef Ahhh Rosie”.

For a unique dining experience, good food, great fun, and an authentic taste of Americana, by all means, visit “Meg-N-Rosies”. Restaurant hours are 6:AM- 4PM Mon- Thurs; Friday, 6AM-8PM; Saturday, 7AM-2PM.


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