two thousand twenty
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THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Can you imagine how much we could accomplish if we truly put our minds, resources and passionate desires together, making a difference in the attendant work of our choice in our combined communities of Macedon, N.Y.? Quality control when it comes to creating a more uniting front would help every one of us to gain credence, each in our own way presenting - working towards and with projects which are cohesive to growth - growth that will help all, not just a chosen few. As we move into the future of 2014, may we measure each and every project in that way, acknowledging that we have all made mistakes along the way - and it is about time that we stopped "poking' one another with evil intent, and start to be more aware of the good we can do by working together as a whole, as it was in the beginning of Macedon, New York. My family was part of that beginning, and the memories run deep into the favored way they shared in the development of both the Town and the Village as a whole. Yesterday The American Legion and Books, ETC. hosted a bird Friends-y party. We were graced by our speaker, Carol Kildoyle, a dedicated volunteer from the Trail of Hope in Lyons, N.Y. She brought to us so many interesting facts, including a page of tiny little footprints so that we could identify our critters when we took a walk on our favored Butterly/Nature Trail down at Macedon's Canal Park. Covered with Crisco and birdseed (the feeders and some of us!), natural twine held two cones together, and we covered many, many potential feeders. The children especially loved that! As she spoke, the young ones at the party joyously walked around the room, sharing colorful and interesting pictures Carol had provided. With the children we shared great fun making these feeders, and then drove down to the Butterfly/Nature Trail to place them on the trees. As I am a true "canary in the coal mine" when it comes to cold, cold weather I watched from the truck. The one thing that remains as clear as a bell in my mind, is the little one - Lyla, whose black velvet coat with snuggly hood, and gloves to match seemed like a lovely gift to all of us. She shone from the beginning of this adventure, and with her new little friend, Emma sharing in the fun, we were all touched by their sweetness. Today the Butterfly/Nature Trail is much richer because we all took the time to care. The bird-feeders were hung all along the trail, and today won't those birdies be surprised? Tossing the excess seeds all along the Trail will also help our other snow critters, and we look forward to again sharing these experiences. Perhaps each of you will join us this year as we creatively attend to the evolving Village of Macedon in the State of N.Y., harmonizing with all that surround - generating new and more cohesive ways to truly make a difference in the communities of our choice. I hear by the grapevine that there is going to be a Chili/Soup contest at Books, ETC. on the first of February - Noon until 1:30. What fun we had last year. Again, each and everyone is welcome to join us. Touched by the visions of the past where neighbors took time to be neighborly, we again support this caring heart that now surrounds all that is being accomplished. HISTORY ALIVE! is a brand new group starting at Books, ETC. on the 30th of January - 6:00 PM. All are welcome to join. Come on down to Main St., Macedon. Ten years ago, when the Library and Town Hall burned to the ground, we helped to rebuild it to the wonderful edifice that now stands in the village. TOGETHER we did make a difference! Again, the strength and dignity of working together is being called upon. Reborn through the people who truly care about community, it is our common voice which shall truly make a difference. I can see many standing arm in arm, and singing a song of hope. Let us be the first to say "it can be done" and then, who knows, someone else might join in the chorus of possibilities. Tears of hope enrich this article. Please take the time to care. Carol Elaine Deys


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