two thousand twenty
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HOMESPUN'S EASTER BLESSINGS You asked me "what flowers do you have in your garden?" And my immediate thought was "not many, It's early spring!"........... and yet I came to realize that scattered throughout the elementary stages of my garden there was life expanding. You asked me, "How large is your garden?" ......... And my illuminating thought was, "Beyond measure." Entering a new phase of my life, I am in the process of expanding my vision of hope. We HAVE created a garden of love, and above and beyond all of the elementary expressions of our yard, there is also the essence of forever spring. Seeing beyond the norm is a wonderful way to live life. Long before the actual trowel and tractor touched our yard, I could see the fluorescent essence of a place worth cultivating. Long before we helped this garden to come into existence, I visualized its potential as a place of healing grace. This has been accomplished. As we move into a new way to view the old, we shall be blessed beyond compare as the radiant source of nature's evolutionary complete shall find dignity in the place of our choice - Para-Deys Acres. We shall blend our meager abilities with the vastly incomprehensible power of God's Witness in our lives, and sharing this domain shall be our constant joy! Mercy in our lives has been established. Whoever or whatever we become in future domain, we shall remember the place of our choice - a garden of peaceful decree, and motivating in the way of hope - share this with others. Have you seen our lovely new bridge? Built by my husband with a caring and creative hand, we celebrate this lovely focal point in our yard. Step by step we remember the promise of a work well established, and it is our privilege to attend this Garden of Peace. The lilac buds are doing their thing, daffodils are peaking up. Bunnies and squirrels are running all over the woods, and Pakia, our beautiful, lazy Husky is sleeping in the sun. Who could ask for more? A blessed Easter to all who celebrate life as a whole, and to the rest "Happy Spring to you." May your days be filled with promise. Most sincerely, and with the extending vision of the good life expanding in love - Carol Elaine Deys Serenity Chapel @ Para-Deys Acres April 13th, 2014


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