two thousand twenty
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Again, The Golden Eagle Band entertained close to one hundred people in the Macedon Canal Park. Again they gathered to enjoy the prosperity of our Village, and the many new friends they have made through these gatherings. Mayor Marie Cramer had worked diligently to plan this event, and the Village Board should be very proud of the community welfare she has helped to promote. Although this was highly publicized, we still were not blessed by the attendance of many Board members both Town and Village. It makes one wonder why? I should think they would be very proud of the work that is being accomplished in our local community. Others are, including The Macedon Village Pride group that is voluntarily taking time and effort to make a difference. In this world of sometimes negative flow there are many ways to feel the sadness which currently surrounds those who see only TV, read newspapers filled with character-destroying information, and demand of others things they would not do themselves. I have walked the walk where there was no hope for a positive future. I have discerned at levels where the past sometimes overwhelmed me, but never have I seen this level of concentrated efforts to truly destroy a neighbor's walk. As the summer continues to roll, it is my hope that each and every one of you will pay attention to the good that is happening all around you. Come and join us! Laughter and music is so good for the soul, and we are sharing plenty of both. I was surprised by a delicious birthday cake at the Concert by the dearest of friends. That one cake fed us all! The Macedon Fire Department cooked hamburgs, hot dogs and Italian sausages. Delicious! Crispy bags of popcorn were also available. Tonight we are going to the Movie in the Park at Gravino Park. Still watching for white clouds and clear skies. The Village Main Street will be holding a sidewalk sale on the 21st, and we can promise you that it will be well attended. Come on down, and shop locally. You never know what treasures you might find. Speaking of treasures, the people of this community are our greatest gifts. We celebrate their intelligence and fun/loving spirits! Macedon Village Pride is in need of volunteers. We meet the first Thursday of every month - 7:00 PM - Books, ETC. Come on down and share your gifts with all of us! Carol Elaine Deys Para-Deys Acres


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2 Comments to "Music, Music, Music...by Carol Elaine Deys"

  1. Unknown Said,

    Sometimes a good, old-fashioned "phone tree" can bring people out. That is, have a person call two friends, have them call two friends.... and, first of all, encourage each to say that *they* are going to go. Then there is the impetus of having friends meet.

    Posted on Wed Jun 18, 08:09:00 AM EDT

  2. Books, ETC. Said,

    This is a great idea Kit..thank you...we will discuss this at our next meeting...

    Posted on Thu Jun 19, 11:43:00 PM EDT


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