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COMMUNITY It is our understanding that the Macedon Village Pride Committee was formed to expand upon the principles of a job well done. Started by those who truly want to make a difference, it continues to grow with the enthusiasm and good will of those who are now representing so many different fun and creative venues in the village proper. As a group of intentional good, we are not required to publicize or determine by pre-conceived order in this group. When one acts as a plural medium, where the good of all is considered, we do not waste our time or monies where we would cause disrespect amongst the principles involved. All are welcome to participate who come with good faith, natural gifts and a willingness to work diligently towards a common good - harmony in the village and beyond. We have built a Butterfly/Nature Trail, created historical murals, experienced many programs in 2014, started History Alive! guided by our lovely and resourceful Historians, Sally Millick and Linda Braun, enjoyed interesting speakers, taken historical walks and dreamed about a possible Living History Museum. All we need is one room available to us in the village - perhaps we shall create an old/fashioned kitchen and/or a country school room to start. Any suggestions? We are helping to extend more village businesses (ongoing), enjoying entertaining concerts and plays in the park, developed "Autumn on the Erie" - in tandem with other Wayne County areas, Christmas Celebrations, Village and Town Receptions, Days of Remembrance, Community Picnics, Main Street Sidewalk sales, Scarecrow Contests (have you been boo'd?} and so many more to come. Gathering together in mutual trust and creative effort to extend a positive imprint upon the community as a whole, we are having fun! Come join us! Tonight was the first presentation of the "Only Once" play in the Macedon Canal Park. Performed by the Once in a Lifetime Players, it was a hoot - and a musical worth its weight in gold. The audience claimed fully the joy of the evening by their appreciative applause, which in turn gave courage and energy to these newly evolving team/players. It was held in the Elmer Clark Pavilion, and the place was filled to the brim and beyond with people who are also making a difference by their cooperative response to good intentions. In this world pf changing times, how refreshing to see a cooperative committed group working efficiently together for the good of all. Sponsored by Maryanne Miller - Real Estate Salesperson, Silvery Moon Designs, Jimmy C Music, Spirit Gatherings by Carol Cieslinski, The Kiwanis Club and many others too numerous to mention. A special thanks goes out to all who were supportive of this wonderful presentation. The Cast - L. John Cieslinski (who also wrote the play along with two of his friends), Ed Jones, Barbara Tiberio, Lacey A. Gardner, Pat Coleman, Judy McMillan, Hugh Mater, Lorrie Jones, Jeffrey T.Cook, John McCrank, Alex Rea, Shirley Miller, Lorrie Cervello and Bill Pampalone were superb! Peter Candela and Christine Schwind expertly directed the music. Also directed by Kathleen L. Mater, Stage Mgr. and Lighting Designer Ed Jones, Asst. Director Matthew Lutz with costumes and properties by Kathy Darren, Deb Watkins and Dana Christiaansen, and Sound by Carol Cieslinski and Eddie Crosby. Day and night they diligently worked on this presentation, and all were there to support the many practices in the Park despite the occasional thunderstorms which threatened to destroy their mutual efforts. We commend them for their strength of purpose and downright courage as as they stood there in front of their peers, and gallantly performed. Amazing bouquets of flowers to all of you! Richard & Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres Participants in the Miracle called Macedon Village Pride


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