two thousand twenty
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paradeysacres@aol.com "Let there be peace on earth, and let is begin with me." I hear the words, I remember the sanctuary of a song well chosen when my twin brother passed away back in 1971. I hear the music, and am graced by the wonder of being able to share this message with many at the Town Complex's Community Room, situated grandly in the Village of Macedon and in the beautiful and inspiring Macedon Public Library. On Saturday, the 23rd of August, fifty-one men, women, young children and teenagers gathered to share in the visionary work of Tasha Tudor, a world renown Illustrator and Author of children's books. For four hours we shared in the beauty of her work. There were also several Corgi dogs there, and a few stuffed ones. The visitors came from Farmington, Palmyra, Pavilion,Ontario Canada - St.Catherine's to be exact, Hamlin, Wyoming, Rochester, Pultneyville, LeRoy, Fairport, Lyons, E. Rochester,Pavilion, Bloomfield, Ontario, Walworth, Shortsville, Waterport, Phelps, Geneseo, Spencerport, Newark, Wilmington-Delaware, and one who occasionally lives in Kansas. Thankfully there were many from Macedon proper. Now isn't that a group that Dorothy with the red shoes would be proud of? We certainly were! They brought their appreciation with them, and joy multiplied itself, going home in so many directions that you would think it almost impossible to contain the wonder of such. You will be hearing more about this on/going focus as time moves forward. In the meantime, we have been graced by the joy of gathering in peace in a little village called, Macedon, NY and a town that has given us the privilege of meeting in their comfortable Community Room. The members of The Macedon Garden Club provided the gorgeous flowers, and a little fairy from the library created tiny little bouquets of colorful zinnias - enough for every table. I think her name is Pam. We continue to thank Books,ETC. for their ongoing help, and especially Maryanne Cieslinski Miller who catered this lovely Gathering. The Tasha Tudor Historical Museum now situated in Brattleboro, Vermont was amazingly helpful, and have asked us to maintain as the first Chapter of Tasha Tudor's wonderful work in all of New York State. What fun we are having, and we have only just begun. We were blessed by The Macedon Public Library and its wonderful, cooperative staff - Kathleen Wilson and Linnie Nolan who created some lovely photos, and Church Women United of Macedon and NY State for their ever present prayers and goodness in all we have been able to accomplish. All were deeply appreciated. And, last but certainly not least, The Friends of The Macedon Public Library for their gracious Grant of monies, and their belief in the possibilities of wonderful things happening through the genuine partnerships of many working together for the good of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The very next day, on Sunday the 24th, more magic happened. The EVERYBODY RIDES, INC., a non - profit organization which raises funds to provide sponsorships for Equine Therapeutic Riding Programs were in the Macedon Canal Park. If you weren't down there, you missed a fun and very different event. They are hoping to expand their operations to serve more participants and offer hippotherapy, equine facilitated mental health, and equine assisted learning in the near future. Many came to view the powerful work they are doing, and again - many went home with new ways of doing some of the old. I,for one, am not exactly afraid of tall horses, but I respect them and usually keep my distance. But I fell in love with the pint-sized pink and white nosed Pinto who walked my way. Harriett, the goat wandered all over the Pavilion making new friends wherever she went and their many games and fun/loving experiences were enjoyed by all. People gathering in peace....right here in our Village of Macedon. Reflecting upon the promises of a job well done, I say "thank you" to everyone who participated in both projects. We are blessed who are truly making a difference in this Community. Our worlds are changing because of it, and it is our wish that many will begin to share positive stories in and on the local news media wherever they go. Believe it or not - it can, and will make a difference. Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES Paradeysacres@aol.com


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