two thousand twenty
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 A while back, I was contacted by a taxpayer, who I will refer to as J. Doe. Her question was “Why can’t I pay my taxes in installments.” I explained to her that there was no method in place for this and to build this into the system would be hard to do and ultimately cost taxpayers more money.

“Why not put enough away each month to cover your taxes?” I suggested. She replied that her small pension and social security barely covered her living expenses. I checked the Wayne County website to see what her total taxes were and was shocked to see that she was not covered by the Enhanced (Senior) Star program. After explaining the program to her I was convinced that she qualified and because her home was assessed so low, her school taxes would be completely covered.
I then determined how much she would have to put away each month to cover her taxes. “I can do that” she replied. I could see the relief in her face.
Our assessor, Larry Quinn, and his staff, do a great job in explaining such programs to taxpayers, but she had fallen through the cracks.
“Run government like a business” they say. Lets all remember that it is a people business.
As Mayor, I will do my homework and everyone will be treated with respect. No exceptions.
John M. Zornow
Republican Candidate for Mayor of Newark

Vote on Tuesday, November 4- Questions? Contact me at 315-945-5881 or e-mail at jzornow001@gmail.com
Check out my Facebook Page- "Zornow for Mayor"


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