two thousand twenty
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Autumn's inevitable challenge was our focused way on Saturday, the 4th of October at Macedon Canal Park. Cold rain, dark clouds with threats of more looming over head....and then, the WIND came. Off and on it made its destructive entrance, destroying some canopies, dousing John Cieslinski of Books, ETC. with a definitive coffee shower and whipping anything that wasn't tied down into a swirling, whirling mass of confusion. The people moved fast! The wind moved faster, but we managed to sustain. Hurrah! The words of the day were "batten down the hatches" - and we learned them well. The call to breakfast sounded, and many of us went up the hill to share in the bountiful food that the Macedon Fire Department had prepared. With bellies full, and hope emerging we awaited the crowd to come. ...and they did! In abundance! Energized by their presence, and the possibilities of blue skies, white clouds and sunshine they brought with them a galaxy of laughter, fun and transmutable optimism where the best was yet to be. A hysterical, oh - I really mean Historical, Hay ride with fifes playing and children of all ages laughing - they rode around the village, learning new things by celebrating the old assisted by our very able Village Historian Linda Braun. Partnering with the Kiwanis was a positive thing to do. Everybody Rides was another partnering group, and strength in numbers was most certainly a wise decision on all of our parts. A cooperative positive way to enrich our community was not only achieved, but enhanced. We need more of this! Husband Dick and I were holding (literally) down the Info Booth, along with others who occasionally passed our way. We met many old friends, new friends and zipped up a little one's jacket with an innovative way to help keep her warm, including the use of The Macedon Village Pride button in ways we would have never before imagined. Under the Elmer Clark Pavilion there was plenty going on! A yummy pie contest, great music all day long, awards for contests and a rowdy Bounce House. I heard that the Police Simulator had plenty of takers. Those over fifty-five were not allowed to test it according to the chagrin of some whose birthdays had long ago by/passed that number. Oh, well. The History Alive booth had a special Photo Contest, and a vision of a beautiful sunset upon the canal took first prize. So many lovely entries - saving our newly evolving history as we move along into a 2014 Scrapbook of museum potential. The young who participated will come to view this work in the days to come, bringing with them the families of their choice - and history shall have again reflected upon the promises that life goes on in circles of challenge and change - in places of cohesive wealth and intending to do so, will record the basic elemental reasoning of a job well done. Yesterday's vision of possibilities - AUTUMN ON THE ERIE - also known as "GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR PICNIC" has evolved into a true community blending of experiences. Who knows what the future holds for any one of us - but understanding that as long as one claims the goodness we are all experiencing right now, then the times of thunder and lightning, gray skies and rain shall evolutionize into blue skies, white clouds and a perpetual vision of hope for those who have chosen to see the world in that Light. Every vendor, every participant who chose to value the day came away with their own personal experiences of whatever was important to them. It is our hope as members of The Macedon Village Pride Committee, that we have only just begun to make a difference in the work of our choice. We meet once a month on the 1st Thursday at John & Maryanne's Books,ETC., 78 Main Street, Macedon...7:00 sharp. All are welcome to participate. We celebrate community. We develop plans to continue doing so. Believing in the wealth of this community and the communities surrounding, we say "Thank you" to all who participated in our latest shared event...and guess what, the sun did finally shine, bringing with it white clouds and a warmer presence to be shared by all. Stay tuned! More to come! Carol Elaine Deys Para-Deys Acres


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