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REFLECTIONS These comments were left in our guest book at the Butterfly Nature Trail. They have been kindly typed by Carol Elaine Deys. "Nice to see that someone decorated the Butterfly path for the holidays. Enjoyed my brisk winter walk. Happy New Year!" "Keep clean." "Here April 11th, visiting and photographing. Beautiful, sunny 82 degrees day. Enjoying the gorgeous spring days!" "No butterflies yet! Let me out of my stroller!" "Happy Mother's Day. Happy Grandma's Day. The weather is perfect!" "Bald Eagle by the entrance - AWESOME!" "Looks good, Excited to be off the bike." Rep of the Onondaga Nation "passing through." "Wonderful, beautiful, yea, here we go, fun and beautiful, off we go - thank you!, beautiful, breathtaking, thank you, nice, THANK YOU! God bless!" "Here to figure out wedding plans. In love for sure!" "Love it! Beavers feeding and someone should add blue heron to list of nature birds. Thanks for an awesome, beautiful trail." "Here by accident. Discovered while on a drive. " " 4K for Cancer Team Seattle - Florida, Marco Island, NY, Long Island, Westchester, NY ,Baltimore, MD, South Jersey." "Here for the first time. Millionth time for Adam. Fished and repopulated rock community in the canal. So much fun!" And from Adam,"Been fishing here for years, 12 actually, before this trail was built it was just a small dirt path to life's escape (fishing). Up until today it was just a great spot to fish, now it's the spot where Meghan and I just got to know each other. I'll remember her forever." "Safe passage and kindness." "Camping while bicycling across the country - West Coast (Seaside, Oregon) to East Coast. Nice idea." "Beautiful trail! Great benches and views. Thank you for all you are doing to make this available to the Public. If you add more benches, a few that are higher off the ground would be nice for people who can't bend down as well. Also having a garbage can near the trail entrance or exit would be nice so people could throw away any litter others might leave behind. A restroom/shower would be nice for the campers, too." "Keep up the good work!" "Beautiful day for a walk." "Livin' free never been so complicated. Livin' free never been so easy." "Mark DeCracker Day. Thank you, John and Marie!!" "Happy Butterfly Trail" says six year old Emma. Residents of Macedon - "What a wonderful part of our community!" The Erlacher's from Austria - "We've had and enjoyed a lovely walk and Pageant." And from Connecticut visitors - "Enjoyed! Thank you for your effort!" "Beautiful day!" 'Awesome Trail!! Good work!!" Ms, Braun's RSEC Class - "We had a great time. Thank you!" "Enjoyed it!" (Tampa, Florida) "It was good except for the goose business." (age 10) "I loved it!" 'Keep it up!" Eagles Summer School - Pal-Mac Intermediate - signatures of eleven young people. "Keep up the good work - enjoy coming here a lot." (Williamson, NY) Massena, NY "This trail is wonderful! Watched a Giant Swallowtail butterfly feed on the three purple butterfly weed shrubs - a mostly black 5" wingspan with yellow. Also a yellow swallowtail butterfly, mostly yellow with some black stripes a black border, smaller. Thank you all for a great nature trail!" Troop 37,Canandaigua, NY biked the Canal Trail starting in Lockport. This park is one of the resting points. Very interesting. Thanks for the Butterfly/Nature Trail. Thanks for being here!" And from Hannah of Fairfax, Virginia - "We found two toads and a snail. PS - We came by Canal boat." Marjorie from Encinites, California signed our book. "Three dogs and a couple of kids." Amesbury, Mass. - "Thanks for this special spot." "I like Park!" "Came here with Nana, Dada and Brenda" "We are frequent visitors here. We saw many different butterflies and birds today. Humid walk - 80 degree F., but very enjoyable." "Out for a family nature walk." "What a glorious day to spend a little time with nature." "What a pleasant surprise! (Maryland) "Lovely trail..flowers were great! (Clifton Springs, NY) "Peaceful." "The wind is blowing through the trees today. Lovely sounds of Autumn to come." From TRUE NORTH "Geocaching along the Butterfly Trail." Hilton, NY - "Thank you, John Cieslinski!" "Love it down here. The Trail and set/up, Info Boards are great. Those involved bringing this to fruition should be congratulated." Honeoye Falls, NY - "Very nice what you have done to this area."


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