two thousand twenty
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BLESSED HARMONY From the distant past comes the need to provide at many levels, and I feel that the nourishing aspect of self sometimes denies all rumors to the contrary. We reach out to help others, when there are times when we must take the time to take care of ourselves and those around us. One of the most magnificent expansions of such occurs in the very trees which surround us. Each in their own way, the trees magnify. In the spring they are filled with bursting leaves and buds of multi-colored stance. Each and every one of us looks forward to this blossoming - especially those who physically live in the cold, cold North. Spring is like an advent of possibilities - and we cherish each moment when the colors begin to spread out all around us. I look upon all of this as Nature's way to tell us that there is beauty in every moment when you consider the whole picture. A few days ago I looked out my proverbial kitchen window, and all of the green had turned to shades of gold. Autumn was upon us before I even had a chance to say "so long" to summer. I called others' attention to the beauty before me, and transcending all rumors to the contrary - this was not a bad thing to consider in my personal life. My hair has turned to white like many around me. It happened without any help from myself, and yet I daily consider some of the joys which have accompanied this transition in my life. My neighbors are doing the same, and one of our sons will be celebrating his fiftieth birthday on Halloween. Considering all aspects as a whole, life is good! This morning, I again looked out the window and saw for the first time,that our Forsythia Bush had turned to red gold. Never have I noticed this before, but I am sure that it is certainly not the first time this has happened in the vein of nature's thrust. We purchased a Cleveland Pear tree a couple of years ago because it was noted that this also happens to its leaves. Now I do see that beauty was there all of the time, and I had just forgotten to notice. The Forsythia beckons to have its picture taken, and I have enclosed it for you to share. May your days be filled with the sunshine that you make for others, and may the consistent order of nature's command continue to bless your lives. Notice the little things. Appreciate the joy they bring to the eyes and to the Spirit of Recovery in your own lives when healing whether of the heart, soul or physical realm is required. Our beautiful trees shone forth for me this morning. In numerous ways may they also touch your lives. In peace, Carol Elaine Deys - PARA-DEYS ACRES


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