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Dear Residents, I am sure there are a lot of questions and doubts in your mind after reading articles in the Times and Wayne Post (Village official paper) in regards to the Trustee Lohse’s recent motion to dissolve the Village. Since the day I took office I have tried to improve the Village and quality of life for every resident and visitor(s) to this area as per requested by the residents since the 1970’s. Since Day 1, certain Trustees have continued to place obstacles in the way of progress, creating nothing but friction and challenges that only takes up productive time that could be used for positive change. Since 2012, the planning board/steering committee, DPW employees, village engineer, Deputy Mayor Kelly, Trustee Nelson, and many volunteers not only from Macedon but also from other communities have been working hard to meet your requests. We have done a lot of our work through grants received and through volunteerism. There are accusations of unneeded spending and bonding. In reference to bonding, the Village only has two bonds, one that will be done in three (3) years. How many bonds do other municipalities have in order to improve their services? As for the sewer litigation, I agree it was an unnecessary expense but the Village was forced to respond to a preliminary injunction/three notice of claims/4summons/2 depositions all initiated by the Town board. The agreement ended in December 2012 and the Town board insisted without a new-signed agreement that they still wanted sewer service provided to them, but did not need to pay for it. In regards to unnecessary spending, the majority of those involved and the majority of the Village Board, believe that the Village is acting fiscally responsible. In comparison to other local villages and towns, Macedon Village residents have a remarkable low tax rate and our goal is to keep it that way! In response to a resident’s comments in a recent article, if Village life and taxes are so bad then why did he recently sell his Village house to then build a new house in the Village? He complimented the Village board and DPW for making his experience a good one. In conclusion, why are a minority of Village residents (two of which are on the Village Board – whom I question their motivation as to why they decided to join the Village Board if it wasn’t to protect the Village but rather to eradicate it) that were given solid facts in the past of NO cost savings (increase in taxes is most likely if the Village was to dissolve) would be realized for the Village residents to dissolve the Village (which includes dedicated employees keeping their jobs), continue to pursue their own personal agenda, and go against the will of the majority of the people that voted to keep our Village in 2010? As stated by Trustees Lohse and Sliney, a petition might be coming around for you to sign. I urge you NOT to sign it if you want to keep this Village. If you sign it, then it will go up for vote. BEFORE a vote to occur, many man hours will go into it to prove once again there is NO COST SAVINGS and in turn, we will have to focus our time & energy to the petition and not how to continue to improve Village life, services and events that have brought this community together. Thank you for not signing the petition so Village life can continue. We are always looking for Volunteers, call or email me at 315-986-3976 or mcramer@villageofmacedon.org if you would like to volunteer and be part of the solution. Warm wishes, Mayor Marie Cramer Village of Macedon


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