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Retired Newark police personnel were invited on Friday, December 19, to a luncheon in their honor.

The event was arranged by Newark Police Chief David Christler and his staff and attended by 10 retired officers, dating back to as far as 1989. Wishing them well was Police Commissioner Stuart Blodgett, and village trustees Kurt Werts and Robert Bendix.

Left to Right, front row: Sgt. Rick Ippolito, ret. 2004, Chief Richard
Bogan, ret. 2008, Sgt. Dan Stevens, ret. 1996, Dep. Chief Albert Griepsma,
ret. 1989, 
                           Back row: Ptlm. Frank Smith, ret. 1998, Inv. Ron
Jayne, ret. 1993, Youth Officer Charles Shade, ret. 1998, Captain Roger
Vandermortel, ret. 2002, Inv. John  Clingerman, ret. 2007, Captain Tom
Smith, ret. 2006.   


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