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How many town of Macedon residents have seen their fire taxes increase? Mine have DOUBLED since the Macedon town board started contracting with a newly formed South Macedon Fire Dept. In reviewing my previous tax bills from 2008 thru 2013, my town fire taxes were about $50. In 2014 and 2015 my town fire taxes doubled to over $100. How can the town justify this needless increase??? The town of Macedon was paying the village fire department $95,000 per year. They are now paying South Macedon Fire Dept. $130,000 per year. Does this justify a 100% tax increase? Where EXACTLY is the rest of this money going? The town board initially stated that the first contract to SMFD included enough money for a fire station. However, the town has been housing the SMFD in town facilities as they currently have no fire station of their own. The latest news reports are suggesting that the owner of West Wayne Plaza may be donating the property where the old Ames is to SMFD. This sounds wonderful for SMFD, but I believe that since the property will be going to a non-profit, the town will no longer be collecting taxes for this property; once again forcing taxpayers to make up the difference. Does anyone actually believe that our fire taxes won’t continue to rise if SMFD does build a fire station at the former Ames location? Shouldn’t a town board put the taxpayer’s interests first? Doubling my fire taxes because of disagreements with the village is NOT in my best interest. The Macedon town board has to stop wasting taxpayer’s dollars needlessly. Mike Breed 35 year town resident


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1 Comment to "Fire Taxes Doubled?"

  1. C.A.N. Said,

    This is true. Ours doubled also and they all claimed that it wouldn't cost us any more than what we were currently paying. I am pretty sure they thought that they could just slide that in unnoticed. Great editorial Mike!

    Posted on Mon Mar 02, 10:30:00 AM EST


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