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KNITTING A RAINBOW Am I ready for this? Is the advent of spring on the horizon, and have I been so insulated with snow and ice and below zero temperatures that have filled the surrounding world, that I have forgotten how to smell the incoming roses? Have I foregone the beauty of ever-changing weather in general because of the potential of horrendous circumstances? There is an old song, '"One Day at a Time" that rings clearly in my heart. Appreciating that only that one day is my work ahead, and I am privileged to do so. I looked out the window early this morning and the outdoor temperature tested me at a minus three degrees. Somewhere in my memory I heard my husband say in the middle of the night that it had hit a minus nineteen. Things are looking up! Today we are making plans to observe a long term focus group at our Macedon Library. Like a busy beehive, wonderful things are happening there and despite any rumors to the contrary, the patrons of all ages are recognizing what a wonderful community resource our evolving library has become. Through the efforts of many along the way, and now especially through the guiding hand of our new Director, Stacey Wicksall we have been encouraged to "think outside of the box" and we are so blessed to have her expansively creative leadership. There are new ways of doing things, and exciting paths to follow both inside and surrounding the Macedon Village proper and on Sunday, March 1st at 2:00 the new local Theater Group, The Macedon Village Players, will be hosting an exciting Reading of ten local plays that have been written by many from the surrounding communities. This will be a happening at our wonderful Macedon Library. Husband and I have been blessed and inspired to be a part of this endeavor, and what a fun and creative experience this has been, and shall continue to be as we also prepare for our summer play in the park. I have heard that it is about a minstrel named Stephen Foster written by John Cieslinski of Books,ETC., and the music alone will be an adventure in time. The combination of talent and the power of community involved in positive experiences should be amazing! We are greatly encouraged to have this blossoming of positive intent in our community. Touched by the talents of many, we move forward. Stay tuned! Anything below zero makes me a grounded canary, and I have found myself searching for projects that will connect me to the recreative world where the sun shines brightly, the skies are blue, there are dainty yellow daffodils in bloom and a sense of well-being in the air. In the meantime, we have been feeding all of the birds and little critters who find their way to our deck, and from what I have heard - many of you are doing the same. I purchased a skein of multi-colored yarn at our local store the other day, and have attempted to knit some beautiful things. My kitchen drawer is now overflowing with colorful dishcloths, and I have found - by revisiting some of my old creative ways, I can experience the Zen of the weaving in and out of bright sunshine colors and that in itself is a true miracle. I don't know what other housebound people have done during this old-timey winter with its storms, deep cold and hallucinatory effect upon the psyche - but I do know what I have turned to to challenge the potential of debilitating despair. I am knitting a rainbow with colors of the old Crayola box. Investing in this healing potential, I have shared the results with a happy heart, and now am looking forward to a day worth experiencing. The coffee is on, the bacon is sizzling and there is fresh homemade bread in the breadbox. Could we ask for more? Yes, real butter, cherry-filled jam and Loved Ones for sharing the bounty of our common overflowing cupboard. Cherish the Oneness of your every day world. Consider the joy instead of the depths of despair. Look to the rainbow of your chosen places, and who knows - despite any rumors to the contrary - you may find it gently waiting there, for all to see, the prospect of a day worth experiencing. As for me and mine, we are thankful for our warm house, hot water for a shower and the blessings of family all about. In many ways they come to us - and in a rainbow of potential, they are there at every corner of our existence. There is an old saying "Mercy claims her own" and I value this potential in my life and the lives of those surrounding. Without fear of being trite, please determine to look for your own colors of the rainbow. Somewhere, somehow they are waiting to break through. "She is naive" you say. I say, that's where the music started on the day of my birth. Along with a twin of highly vested decree, we found the joy in every day - and that's how I recognize its intent to do good in the world - through the times when the colors were all dark, to the times when I understood better the value of the experience of the martyr's crown where each and every one of us have walked in order to find justice in our NOW lives. Experience is a hallowed teacher. As for me and mine, we are looking forward to spring - but we have also enjoyed Mother Nature's intent to cover the world in white, and despite any thoughts to the contrary - spring starts in the heart. Have you felt her beckoning call? Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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