two thousand twenty
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EASTER REFLECTIONS I am remembering the Easters gone by today....the little ones searching for colorful eggs under the trees, and hidden way out in the flower garden - tucked in buckets on the porch, and at least one in Grandpa's overall pocket. I am seeing the excitement of brand new Mary Jane shoes with snaps to close them, a perky little Easter bonnet and a twin brother to share in the blessings of Spring and Easter. My mother wrapped my hair in "rags" so that it would be curled for the next day. I remember the baskets filled with goodies, and the chocolate bunnies - oh, the chocolate bunnies! As we went to bed on Saturday night, Sunday School at Wesley Methodist Church was on the horizon. Dad would put on the potatoes to boil, read the Democrate & Chronicle newspaper and we went with Mother, all dressed in our Easter refinery to church. My mother was a member of this choir, and I remember how very proud I was when I could selectively hear her clear soprano ringing through the church. How times have changed! Seventy years later our parents haves passed over, our children have grown, and some of our children's children are heading into brand new directions in their lives. There are twelve grands, thirteen greats and now a great, great niece celebrating the joys of Easter. I hope they do. I hope they are creating memories for the days when many of us have gone beyond sight, and I hope that they are taking time to love, forgive and appreciate one another as members of this expanding family who are trying to do the very best to make this a better world. Each in their own way, they have or will have choice. Will their choices make a difference? Will the world that I knew and cherished disappear into the nothingness forever, leaving behind a great void in the cherished Easter Vision? Or will those who have gained respect in the spiritual vision of their choice continue to bear witness to the inbred fact that Jesus lives - in my heart, and in the hearts of all who know and understand the principles He taught. Have a Happy and Blessed Easter, my friends. We just created a delicious holi-day buffet. Family is coming to share. What more could we ask? Carol Elaine Deys Para-Deys Acres


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