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Story and photos by: ROBERT STOPPER, Lyons

The Lyons Erie Canal Clean Sweep 2015 will long be remembered - 44 volunteers of all ages “clean sweeped,” and 15 organizations or businesses provided monetary donations, beverages, food, gift certificates, tractors, and field equipment.
Some of the volunteers from this year's Clean Sweep

The “Clean Sweep” volunteer crew worked the area between the Route 14 Bridge and Lock E 27. They picked up trash along the trail area and canal bank. They “swept clean” the entire dock area. They weed wacked and raked the canal bank.  They trimmed perennial shrubs in the community flower garden, and they removed old growth and debris from the Peppermint Garden.  Several truckloads of “stuff” were then hauled away.
The day began with coffee, doughnuts, and juice and ended with a pizza lunch and special activities.  A raffle for donated merchandise and gift certificates was fun and interesting. Laughter filled the air when a few of the young workers made a case as to why they should do the drawings and win the prizes….   
Young scouts were able to obtain merit badges and high school students were able to obtain community service credits …. Several “around-the-corner-yet-so-far-away” neighbors met each other for the first time ….  One young worker sitting on a bench with a doughnut in one hand and a rake in the other said to his mother, “Mom- this here place is ‘kinda cool’ at the canal. Can we come here more often?” Yes indeed, for everyone involved, it did feel “Kinda Cool” being part of a large group showing community pride and taking part in Canal Clean Sweep April 18, 2015!
Ready for this year's boating season!

Sponsors for the Lyons Erie Canal Clean Sweep included Lyons National Bank, Reliant Credit Union, McDonald’s, Tops Friendly Markets, Kinney Drugs, Dobbins Drugs, Ohmann Theatre, Stoney’s Pizza, Burnham’s Canalside Restaurant, “Herb” Philipson’s, Brownstone Physical Therapy, Saint Michael the Archangel  Knights of Columbus, Burnham’s Lawn Mowing Service,  and the Clayton Antique Boat Museum.

The Canal Clean Sweep event is a partnership event between The New York State Canal Corp. and Parks and Trails of New York State.


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