two thousand twenty
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OPENING SPRING I walked in my yard a few days ago - looking and watching for signs of Spring. I found them in so many ways! Above my head the sky was washed in blue, and the white clouds dominated the spaces in between. Underneath my feet was the greening of the grasses, waiting patiently for the lawnmower to start its ever-present roaring. Carefully stepping in between them, I found zillions of purple and white violets. All over the little hills and valleys of our garden, I saw their tiny blossoms reaching for the sun - waiting for someone to walk by and praise their efforts to sustain. Who would have believed that after such a hard winter, they would still be around to share in the beauty and resurrective qualities of Spring? I saw God this morning. Not in the way we would usually claim in the every day world - high upon a mountain/top experience, but in the places which are daily mine to share. I saw God in the budding of the multi/colored lilacs around me, fresh in the discerning grace of their fabulous colors to be. White, pink, lavender, purple, purple and white, yellow (its first budding is this year) and the tender spaces in/between where the shoots of tomorrow's bushes are now preparing to extend their beauty in another Spring. I saw God in the glistening dewdrops which touched their leaves and the tiny ladybugs who had come forth to drink from their sustaining puddles of water....nature's fountain of youth for all concerned. I remembered that as a child I had also walked through my mother's garden in the same way, and then climbed my favorite apple tree and peered out from its gnarly branches. .Hanging by my feet, the world was then viewed upside down in new and exciting ways! I met a new friend this week. I have known this person before - somewhere, some how in time. Recognizing the common denominators in her life and mine, I shall continue to value this newly found - or is it, friendship. I saw God in the entrance of this experience in my now life, and I am blessed because of it. God in the little things - God in the larger, and is it possible that this powerful, manifesting energy of hope we call the Exalted Being is really the very breath we breathe, and the anchored ways we walk upon the earth with the abilities to breathe, walk and talk to one another? Is it possible that this promised way surrounds us all in so many ways that I have lost count - and I am now blessed just knowing of the infinite possibilities which walk before me through the parallel expansions of my own life, and the lives of those surrounding? Take a moment to reflect upon the promises of a world worth keeping. Value the participatory rhythms of the surrounding aspects of your own personal world - and then shining in the middle of all of it ,perhaps you will see and comprehend what I am saying. You will hear the songs of the birds, see the value of friendship and acknowledge that there is work to be done - and we have only just begun to realize this potential in our villages, our towns and the worlds of our choice. May this reflective harmony begin to touch your lives as it has mine, and may you never, ever forget the wonders we have been given. To breathe in the breath of wholeness, and to breathe out the wonder of your own personal walk is truly a miracle in itself! Mercy walks before me in many ways, and I am blessed to share the continuity of this anchoring vestage of hope with any and all who would listen and share in the value this brings before them. May peace prevail! Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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