two thousand twenty
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Dear Fellow Travelers on the journey called LIFE: This is the first chapter of my new book 'LONG JOURNEY REMEMBERED." It includes the first of many personal experiences which have been mine to know. It is my prayer that they will touch your life as they have touched mine. Many blessings and a certain peace in the valley to all of you, Carol Elaine Deys, Prophet of Hope and Expansive Witness for Peace. ......AND SO IT IS I remember when I first began to realize that there is more than meets the eye in this world of constantly changing times. It was the day I stood guard at my son's door in Canandaigua Thompson Hospital as they tried to revive him from his fallen state. He had been running track at Victor High School, and the way he chose to leave us was to just go. Leaving a legacy of promised direction, he passed from our sight - dying on the 5th of May, 1981. John Andrew was fourteen and a half years old. During this exchanging of energies, I was not allowed to be in the room as the doctors and nurses tried to bring him back to life. I remember riding in our truck to the hospital, and an electric shock went through me strong enough to knock me backwards. I said to my husband, "He is not going to be okay" and we continued on. Now how could this be - this lateral transfer of energy that first touched my son, and then me at the same time? You would ask me why this occurred, and I would tell you that I really don't know the answers - bur I certainly know that it happened to me...to us. The Radical Self - one which denies all existence beyond what they can see, would say that it wasn't possible - this exchanging of energies between a son and his mother when they were ten miles apart. The Self who has grown way beyond some of these understandings held me square in the way of strength and empurified love while all of this was happening. As I stood by the hospital room door, i suddenly "saw" John Andrew standing to my right - a bit in front of me. I telepathically said to him, "Get back in your body - you do not belong out here" like a mother who was speaking to her errant son who had come out of his "time out" place. He stood there in perfect communion - beautiful, enlightened and privileged to be "going home" and said to me, "No way, Mom - You've got to be kidding'" and he was gone from my sight. I have written this chapter to bear witness to the fact that it truly happened in my life, and to those who are in need of solace at the loss of a loved one - I wish to bring them peace, for I, too have felt the great loss of a child of my heart - and it has been through this discerning awareness that I have been able to develop a healing ministry not only for myself, but also for others who were and have been in need of hope. The secular advantage of my own history was to have spent a lot of time in the meditative state. As a Quaker of vintage wealth I have been shown much, and I guarantee you that within Self as a whole, there are answers to be found. In the quiet solitude of one's personal space, much can be attained. How valuable this has been to me. I trust that it shall also be for you. Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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