two thousand twenty
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SHINING CRYSTAL WATERS My eightieth birthday is just around the corner, and today my Beloved br
ought me an early gift. Its isn't very large or encrusted with diamonds and pearls, but it bought to mind the very essence of innocence in the childhood of my choice. I am a twin. My twin passed over many, many years ago and today I am remembering the times we shared and the fun of growing up side by side. When we unwrapped my husband's gift to me, a beautiful fountain and placed it next to our garden pond I felt tears of gratitude welling up in my spirit. I remembered the joy of the resurrective spirit where none or no one was separated by the death of another. I remembered the fun we had making games out of nothing and finding polliwogs in our local pond. My mind was cleared of all negativity, and I felt a great thankfulness for the moment in time that I just had experienced where Twin Brother Bob and I were still side by side, determining to be of an encouragement to one another no matter what the outcome. This little fountain is a sculpture of a young boy and a little pig/tailed girl having a drink. Brother has his hands cupped, and in the middle cool water runs deliciously through them. One moment in time, brought back through a gift from another's heart to the wonder of having the privilege of seeing so much of our family in this little fountain. I am grateful for this parallel expansion in time, where the memories of many good times freely flowed. Taking the time to enjoy this moment has been my grace. Whoever created the fountain has no idea of the effect it would have on me, and yet - perhaps, the artist felt the same way when he or she designed it. If so, then the heart of the matter showed deeply - and I am thinking that perhaps our Creator feels the same way about each and every one of us - and maybe, just maybe we can continue to pass down that joy to all who will listen. Mockery - the world is filled with it. It matters not. May this tiny ray of sunshine touch your heart as it has so deeply touched mine. Carol Elaine Deys Para-Deys Acres


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