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Submitted by: ROBERT STOPPER, Lyons

On Thursday June 25, 2015, English tourists Royston and Gillian had been travelling by car for quite some time, and “When we saw the name Lyons, we knew we had to stop and see what this place is all about” said Royston.  “Nobody will believe this without a photo! In England, our surname is Lyon-williams, and here we are standing on William Street in Lyons, NY!”
While in Lyons, they were given a tour of the Ohmann  Theatre by Tom Herendeen. They also visited Dobbins Drug Store and received a complimentary sample of Peppermint Oil.   

Before leaving Lyons, NY,  Royston and Gillian Lyon-williams were seen pointing to a “William Street” sign as they entered the village green- certainly a wonderful  jolly good story!


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