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SHARED by Everybody Rides, Inc.

I have been asked several times recently to explain what EVERYBODY RIDES New York, Inc. is and does. I would like the opportunity to try to make it clearer.

We have many thousands of our citizens who are facing challenges every day. They may be disabled, have mental issues, social issues, depression, etc. Even our valued Veterans who have given of themselves have moments when the pressures of experiences they have witnessed add to the pressure of coping day to day.

It has been found that the benefits of horseback riding, under proper supervision, can be very beneficial to those with these problems.

The motion of the horse will help the disabled by helping to move muscles and ligaments to move properly when the person has difficulty do it on their own.
Socializing with trainer and the staff assigned to the rider allows for discussions which are bonding.

Time a rider may spend with a horse presents a bond between both and gives encouragement to return to ride again

The soothing disposition of the therapy horse has a silent way of communicating to the rider that it is there to help.

Riders of every level find themselves bonding to the horse and trainer(s) during this program of exercise.

EVERYBODY RIDES NEW YORK, Inc. has been developed to help promote exercise through horseback riding for those with the disabilities and challenges listed above.

Sessions can last from 8-10 weeks. once per week.

The programs are offered for all who qualify, yet some (can) have difficulty paying the fees.

EVERYBODY RIDES NEW YORK, Inc. offers scholarships which are based upon a person's ability to pay.

The money raised at our events, and received from Partners and Sponsors is used to help with operating expenses, as well as supple funds if needed.


This story was originally posted to Everybody Rides' Facebook Page.

For more about Everybody Rides, Inc., visit the organization's website at http://www.everybodyrides12.com/


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