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LONG JOURNEY REMEMBERED - Chapter Three: THROUGH THE POWER OF ETERNAL GRACE As I came into my newness as a woman of peace, I began to understand the value of One Life in Christ, and understood that no matter what I did NOTHING could separate me from those I have loved. In the 1980's my beloved parents, Belle and David Johns, came to visit us for a few weeks in the summer. They stayed in the old house on our property, and we truly enjoyed having them here. Their home bases - there were two of them - were Florida and Hilton, New York. I remember so well the wonderful little things that my Dad did around the property, and one of them was the laying of our concrete sidewalk. He was a man of courage, and a resonate energy in my life and today I see his smile, his walk and the value of his life's commitment to order in every one of our sons and now our grandsons Smiling back at me in various ways, I am greatly touched by his humanity, his love and the joy that he always brought to my life's purposeful direction. He and my husband became the best of friends, and I have been very thankful and blessed because of this. After my parents returned to Florida for the winter months, I began to "see" a long brick wall and there were no doors. One day when I was vacuuming, I suddenly saw an open door in the wall, and I KNEW that I had to go to Florida. This was not my usual way of doing things, as my norm was not to go out in the world on my own. As I moved through the day, again my parents "came to me" and I "saw" them walking down the pathway to the old house, and my Dad turned and formed an arc with his hand as if to say "So Long" which he always said as he preferred not to say "Goodbye." I said, "Oh, no." After sharing with my husband what had occurred, I packed a bag, we called a taxi and I flew to Tampa, Florida the very next day. Years later I found out that the gentleman who drove the taxi that carried me to and from the airport, was the father of one of my dearest friends. God works in amazing ways his wonders to perform, and I was standing with my hands upon my mother when she passed over .Her passing was so gentle that even with my hands upon her, had,I not looked up at her, I would not have known that she had gone. As she had had several strokes, I did not tell the nurses that she had gone until at least twenty minutes later when one of them peeked in the room, and said," Is everything OK?" - and I said, "Yes," - and then, "My mother has passed." I was the one who told my father, mother's husband of seventy years, that she had gone. She had always called him her "Beloved David" and as if he had patiently waited for this time, he had a stroke that night and gently passed a couple of months later. I know that mother walked out the door with me that day, and today - twenty eight years later, I look in the mirror and there she is in so many ways. I was blessed to have fine parents, and I am sure that is one of the reasons I have been able to discern as such, the words of faith that are mine to share. God has blessed me with a heritage beyond belief, and one by one many of my ancestors have spiritually come to me helping me to open new doors, and also proceed along the way of my journey to help others help themselves. I have been given much, and it is the lateral self or one who presents as Carol Elaine who now writes these words of truth for you to experience. Being blessed as I have been blessed, I consider it my honor to collectively blend as I have been allowed to do, so that I can bring the words of faith from many dimensions of my own personal life just enough to help bring some understanding to many. The fullness of my now life proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that these words are the truth of my being, and i hope they will bless you as I have been blessed by these experiences. BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS. BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO HAVE VALUED THE WORDS OF GRACE IN A WORLD OF THE EXACTING PROMISES, FOR LOVE - AFTER ALL - IS THE KEY TO KNOWING, and step by step, these words have made me whole. As I come into my newness as a woman of hope, it is my desire that many shall value what I am sharing with you and they shall pass on this potential to all who have suffered great grief in their lives. I do not know what comes after death, but i do know that the value of just knowing of these experiences gives me great hope. It is the value of this hope that brings me to the point where I have chosen to write this little Epistle. May you continue to be greatly blessed in the world of your choice, enlisting others to help you help yourself, and guaranteeing that there is much more than meets the eye in this ever/changing circle of life - and that we who do have some understanding of this potential,will be entering into a new wave compilation of those who have not only understood, but also openly decreed that it is the truth of our lives. There will be more little Epistles coming your way.This is only the beginning of many more to come. Stay radiant in the Oneness of Eternal life, for it is there where life manifests enough energy to "keep on keepin' on." In peace I have related to you as a Prophet of Hope. It is my intention to bring forth more and more of the possibilities of a life worth living. Won't you join me in this wonderful journey of love, for despite all rumors to the contrary, God isn't through with us yet! Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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