two thousand twenty
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You know you are connected to the Village of Macedon when you walk the beautiful Butterfly/Nature Trail in The Macedon Canal Park. Discovering new and colorful flowers amongst the Rudbeckia (Black/Eyed Susans), Daisies, Queen Anne's Lace (have you ever taken the time to study this fascinating flower?), coneflowers, chicory, yellow buttercups, trefoil, white tall clovers, and little orange flowers that I have yet to identify with sweetly planted little side gardens in memory of loved ones. Each time we walk the Trail, I find myself discovering brand new areas of breathtaking beauty..Always we celebrate this amazingly natural beauty. Each time we go down the Trail, we take the time to quietly sit and reflect upon every dedicated bench there is...especially when the weather is exceedingly hot like it was today.We began our walk down the pathway, discovered a new yellow tall clover, and went to sit on the first bench. It was gone. The whole top had been totally ripped off leaving only the legs which supported it. So was the sign across from it originally designed by some of the children of our area, and another post especially made for the Trail. Near it all was a small piece of broken wood. Why would anyone take the time to do this in a place dedicated to our war veterans, families and people who were greatly loved and had since passed away? Why would they take the time to cause such havoc? We, the peoples of Macedon proper have made and enjoyed beautiful memories upon our Trail. There is nothing anyone can do that will take away those memories. Our hearts are broken over the sad state of mind that perpetuated this deliberate and malicious act of destruction. If this is what was intended when this destruction took place - you accomplished your mission. We have been able to trace the perpetrators. Soon they will understand the destruction they have caused. As a place of peace it is totally protected in many ways. The people will rise to expand upon the principles of a job well done, and our Butterfly/Nature Trail of Peace will reflect upon this Promised Way its wonders to perform. Carol Elaine Deys - PARADEYS ACRES Member of Macedon Village Pride reflecting upon the value system of all who have worked so hard attending this Place of Blessed Peace


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