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The community of Greater Newark came together last weekend as St. Mark's Parish Hall became the site of long planned food packaging event. Organizers will learn in a few weeks where the 30,024 meals will be shipped.
Some details of the event- 304 community volunteers participated over the weekend - including 9 churches, 6 youth organizations, 5 community groups or organizations, 1 business and many individuals from our community.
Organizers were confident that the goal of $9000 would be reached this week. A donor list includes over 60 businesses, churches, organizations and individuals.

Linda Werts, organizer of the two day event said: " As I reflect on the success of this weekend's "Stop Hunger Now" I am happiest about how it brought our greater Newark Community together and so proud to live in a community that shares a vision to help and serve others.   Thank you all for your dedication and hard work all along the way!  And thank you Father Andrew and St. Mark's Church for hosting the event!  In a few weeks we will know where our 30,024 meals will be shipped.   They will most likely feed hungry elementary school children in one of the 65 countries where Stop Hunger Now works.  But what we do know is this.  This weekend...we partnered with a four star international hunger relief organization with a vision to end hunger in our lifetime, made some new community friends who share that passion, and learned that it's an awesome experience when we all join together to "do good" in the world."


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