two thousand twenty
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THOUGHTS ALONG THE WAY I am willing to bet that there are many ways to discern "village" and tonight at the local Village Board meeting I began to understand why. It is through this dedicated awareness that I now walk, and the future of our village lies in the hands of those who truly care about its existence. I am in a place where I value the members who are now serving on our Dissolution Committee. I know and understand from deep in my heart - a place where one of the gentleman tonight chose to discern that "it had no place in the running of our local governments." I tend to disagree. I have walked the walk where many gang up on one to oppose anything and all they would try to project, and one of these projections of honor in the Village of Macedon has been the establishment of our Butterfly/Nature Trail and the wonderful Concerts in the Park. I was asked "What good is the Butterfly Trail and the dumb concerts?" and the only response that I could think of was LOVE Their answer was "Touchy/feely things do not belong in government, and when I run for Mayor (or any other point of government). the first thing I shall do is destroy the ButterflyTrail." My question is "Why?" Have we reached a stage where the little things are no longer important in the developmental process of a town, city, or village, and why aren't they even taken into consideration when it comes to creating a budget? As a member of the Dissolution Committee in the Village of Macedon it is my intent to, along with many others, help guard the principles of a well/balanced area. Midst the sewer, water, taxes and all of the other very important aspects of a budget is the need for quiet places and wonderful music. As the universal language, it has opened doors that long ago were closed. It continues to gather our neighbors into a place where they can celebrate the possibilities and actual joy of good things happening. . The world is in need of good things. Please, let's not "throw the baby out with the bath" in all that we plan to accomplish in this Town - this Village of Choice. May those who truly care about their community surroundings rise up with the dignity of a job well done, and may we never again have to face the disillusion of hope in any place - be it family, home or community where the little things will still count. May we all be blessed with abundance in anything we say or do, for isn't the best yet to be? It is in our hands. May we all make wise and valuable decisions along the way. Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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