two thousand twenty
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Heaven has a way of appearing when one least expects it, and it is in this place of guaranteed freedom of thought that a new wave of understanding came upon me. As I discerned that there are many ways to creatively flow, I came upon the idea that there are more ways than one to do so. A couple of years back, we helped to establish the History Alive group at John's BOOKS, ETC. store. We met monthly - every fourth Tuesday - 5:00 for pizza, and were an encouragement to one another. In many ways we expressed the exciting history of our village of choice, and in many ways people who discerned history as an important part of life, were involved. Through the extensive Events that our Village Historian, Linda Braun attended to, and through the fun and fellowship of a Photo Contest which then helped to become the foundation for a lovely calendar enjoyed by many. Again we move forward in a new way - respecting the old, cherishing the present and discerning that the future of the Village is now in God's hands. As we move through these discerning times in many villages across New York State, may we remember to keep sight of the various treasures that small places hold. May they not be lost along the way, as money becomes the chief balancing point of every decision now being made. May the creative efforts of the past determine for us a new wave celebration where we will find the way, the will and the necessary strength to keep our promises to those who have walked before us. May these efforts to maintain a place of dignity, a place of discerning grace and a place of motivating energy be forever remembered in the annals of time. It is through this door that we now walk. The Sunflower Historical Coalition is a new project arising from all that has gone before us. As we examine in our newness, it is our prayer that many shall come to appreciate the value of the historical connection of the Village of Macedon to the rest of the world. As we gain strength of purpose, may the heartbeat of the original village begin to shine leaving behind all the waywardness which now walks before us. I have come to the conclusion that all who now attend this changeover in New York State as a whole, are determined to make things better. Although bearing witness from many different directions, still there are places where we must come together for the common good. To do so will benefit all. i am surprised at the number of people who truly care about history. I am amused by those who "don't give a hoot" and I am blessed by the many friends I have made along the way who demand equal justice for all. As I continue upon this journey called SUNFLOWER, may I remember how it used to be when I hadn't a clue how important history was, and how I was led to comprehend its values by my dreams of choice. As we move forward into new ways to value the old, may the cherished Village of Macedon stand up for its own right, and may we be forever thankful that some people actually care about its valued ways, and in many avenues of approach, this shall be accomplished. I am privileged to be part of this new wind blowing - and I hope that others will feel the same. Carol Elaine Deys Para-Deys Acres


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