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BULLYING AND HARASSMENT are “DESTRUCTIVE TO HUMANITY” I am baffled and embarrassed at the way that career professional residents continue to display themselves at the Village board meetings. Trustees Sliney and Lohse have helped orchestrate, with the help of “Macedon One group”, surprise attacks at each board meeting, not only to me as mayor, but also the dedicated volunteers and loyal employees. The bullying, harassment and misinformation allegedly being done by the employees, mayor and volunteers is coming to fruition that it is the two trustees and Macedon One doing this, but none of them will take responsibility for their actions. It is easier to blame others. A few Macedon One members went too far last night (September 23, 2015), attacking the Code Enforcement Officer to be fired because of an arrest with pending allegations. The Village has been transparent on this issue, but what baffles me is 10 people from the Village Macedon One, which includes a business owner and the newly formed fire department, is not only being destructive to humanity but acting concerned for their supposed safety and cost savings needed for them as residents. My questions are, where was Macedon One group when two duplicated services were formed to bring down established existing services, which is actually costing more money to run for the same territory the Village once served? Also, why hasn’t Macedon One verbally attack the Town board for hiring and promoting employees that have known criminal records? Why isn’t Macedon One “scared” for their safety with that? I think the saddest moment, was on the holiest day for the Jewish community, Macedon One member called me as the Mayor a Nazi Hitler and asked for my resignation while Trustees Sliney and Lohse smirked. It is hard to believe that this is allowed to happen in society. I thought living in this community; we would have grown away from discrimination and hatred! I understand that we are all different in many ways, but I thought the people in the Village and the Town got the sense of community, helping each other, being there for each other NOT destroying each other. There is one thing money and power cannot buy and that is community pride. These individuals and the Town board will never know or be privileged to ever experience. It cannot be taught; it is in your blood from day one. Shame on those that are proud in trying to destroy humanity, kindness, love and good will. No matter what, all these displays of violence and harassment tell as Mayor, Volunteers and Great Employees that we are doing right by the people. Thank you Macedon One, which includes Trustees Sliney and Lohse for reminding us all, we have the true good will intentions in our heart and soul. We will continue, no matter who tries to negate and tell fallacies of what we supposedly have not done right, in your eyes. Warm wishes, Mayor Marie Cramer Village of Macedon


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