two thousand twenty
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DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? A famous writer once said to me, "the ego of the soul is known through one's visual perception" - and I gained a clearer understanding of my own desire to see the value of my every day world. Last night my husband and I attended a celebration at the Macedon American Legion. The members very kindly allowed the Macedon Village Pride Community to share in the value of a people gathered for good. From the age of four weeks (oh, such a little sweetheart) to at least the age of eighty (me), we gathered at tables of togetherness. The food was absolutely delicious. As always,when shared it certainly tastes and smells better - or so it seems. Corn soup, real fresh shrimp, potatoes of all kinds, tapioca pudding with cherries, tasty slices of summer sausages, cheese - both mild and horseradish flavored, olives and crackers, crispy chips and French Onion dip, hot dogs and chocolate beyond belief. I was told that some Oreo cookies lay hidden beneath the surface of some of those chocolate-coated delights - and what more could one ask? Yum! The dish-to-pass food was freely given - freely shared. The unmerited grace that comes in totally unexpected ways was experienced. I got to hold a four week old baby, and she liked me. Memories of the vintage "Mikey" cereal commercial appeared to me, and I felt an uplifting of the Spirit with the sight and touch of this darling little girl. I had an opportunity to hold her while her mother was given a chance to eat her dinner unencumbered - and I was able to sit and watch the friends enjoying their meal and conversations happening around our extended tables of peace. While she slept in my arms, many came over to just "take a peek" and I remembered my own beautiful boys as I shared memory after memory with our friends. Yes, we do gather at God's table in many ways profounding, and there is strength in numbers. Across the nation many are doing the same - not only to preserve some of the goodness of an older and calmer way of life, but to also claim the dignity of Community gathering in peace with hope extending. I understand this world around us speaks of great chaos all over the place. But there are also pockets of wisdom which seem to be floating amongst us, and we, the people are finding grace at the tables of our choice - sharing our gifts at those tables, and experiencing the blessings of our every day lives as we master the need to fear anything but ourselves, for we have the choice to make a difference now - and in our own communities. We have a choice to make music or mayhem - and won't it be wonderful when we learn to comprehend that the "somewhere over the rainbow" is in the here and now - and that the altruitive believers in a decent way of life are gathering community by community to not only help gain respect in and for our personal worlds, but also share the blessings we have discovered there. Each in our own way we see these blessings. In myriad ways, we find them. God bless America and all it means to us. May the leaders of every community from the villages, the hamlets, the towns and cities of this vastly enriched country rise to defend their original purpose "of the people, for the people" and certainly for the advancement of a world worth keeping and sharing. And, thank you Little One for sharing with me the precious experience of a new life just beginning, for in the evolution of humankind there is one thing for certain....and that is the love and life of one family trying to make a difference in the world of their choice. The Village and Community of Macedon is one of those places. Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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