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Dissolution is not the solution-Vote No to the Plan: Come Vote March 15, 2016-Macedon Library Are you feeling confused by this issue? Both Pro dissolution and No dissolution groups come knocking on your door step giving facts or opinions, ultimately it is you that need to read the plan and fully understand the plan prior to election night so that you can make an informed decision. View the plan: http://labergegroup.com/macedon/documents/ Remember, the Dissolution plan is a document that is not concrete and a quick snapshot overview with not solid accuracy because until you truly begin the process there is alot unknown and not discovered. Yes, the Village Property tax will go away, yes Village employees will need to search for a job, yes there is cost shifting due to potential seven new special districts that can be created, yes water/sewer rates will continuously increase, yes, the Village fire tax has already gone up 12%/Town southside of canal up 160% with the dissolution of the Village Fire Dept, yes as long as the State subsidizes the Town with the Citizens Empowerment Tax Credit there will be savings, but that is not guaranteed and it is based on the NYS budget approval each year and yes if the Town abides/approve the entire Dissolution plan there will savings. The Town is under NO OBLIGATION to approve the entire plan and they have gone on record that they have concerns with the plan. The most important message is no matter how you want to vote, please come out and vote. Vote No to the Dissolution Plan if you want to save the 160 year old Village or Vote Yes to the Dissolution Plan if you want to dissolve the Village, which we be gone forever. Thank you for taking the time to read this important message! Marie Cramer Concerned Village Resident


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