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Dissolution Plan is no longer a savings to Village Tax payers Why? The Village has already accomplished the projected savings without dissolution. This allows the residents to retain control of their local government if they DESIRE to remain a Village and not be a tax district. Present Village tax is $567.85 per $100,000 home, Town tax is $268.16 per $100.000 home which Totals Village/Town combined as $836.01. Dissolution projected taxes with Village dissolving is $549.46 without State aid (CETC) or $497.05 with State Aid (CETC). This includes the special tax district projections. Side walk district rate will increase if limited to former Village residents only. State aid (CETC) is subject to annual appropriation by the State budget. The money is not guaranteed and in my opinion should have not been allowed to be calculated into the savings projection. The amount of State aid the Village residents will receive will be 0.2% of the total amount of the allocation. Savings is already in place. $111, 471.00 from reducing the Fire department, $20, 350.00 workers comp, $35,000 truck bond/interest from sale of fire truck. Savings is now $166,767.00-$66,000 (S. Macedon Fire Dept contract) =$177.40 savings. $35,000.00 projected Fire Hall revenue as a Community lodge rental that is a $62.97 projected revenue. Total savings: $240.37 savings without 2% tax cap State rebate, with a $100.00 tax cap rebate for each household it now brings the Total Savings as $340.37. With the $340.37 savings, the new Village projected tax which includes the Town tax will now be $595.64 without dissolving the Village. With the 2% tax cap received State rebate of approximately $100.00 per household would now be a projected tax to $495.64 Town/Village combined. Vote NO on the Dissolution Plan if you want a true cost savings on March 15, 2016. Dave Kelly Village Deputy Mayor and Resident


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