two thousand twenty
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DEFINING A HERO Sometimes a hero passes by unnoticed - especially when their pathway has been strewn with the lies and deceit of others. Sometimes a hero defines as one who leads the parade to parts unknown, and currently it is this hero, Mayor Marie Cramer who has stood up for justice in everything she has done. Inspirationally she has led her Village in many ways. Not always according to the will of those who had no vision for the expansion of the Village, but according to the Vision of her heart - a Community of security and wellness which would be served by an Elected Board who truly had the very best for this village in mind. As she discerns a new wave healing for all whose hearts were broken at the dissolution of this one hundred and sixty year old place on the map, she will continue to benefit those whose courage was reflected in the work of her choice - Community Service. Instead of denying these possibilities by stepping away from her current stewardship, she will continue to loyally blend with those who still want to maintain this Community Service in the way of a collective vision which will benefit many. She has "walked in the shoes of the Fisherman" with a strong heart and a discerning awareness as to the fact that some of the changes were not entirely on the up and up. Her desire for the truthful way still holds true, and Marie is one of the main reasons that her Village Pride has continued to maintain balance in everything she has accomplished. There will be times when all will begin to wonder at the propriety of actually dissolving the Village proper. Around and across the State of New York, this shall occur, and by then it will be too late to make a difference. The hallowed Village of Macedon is in the process of passing. Will the lightening and thunder which preceded this make up for the loss of Community and genuine services which were provided along the way? The Coins of Judas continue to jingle for all to hear. The Crown of Authority passes to one whose total intent - from the beginning - was to destroy this Village. It makes one wonder what people were thinking as they punched the levers in the voting booth. May Mayor Marie Cramer continue to be blessed in the work of her choice. May she continue to find places where she is appreciated, and where the value of her leadership rises to new areas of potential in the places of her choice. Thank you, Dear Friend, for your good heart and willing spirit. Let all of the anger pass you by - and may the duplicating honor of a job well done follow you wherever you go. The Macedon Village Pride Team - looking for new and better ways to increase the awareness for a Community worth saving!


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