two thousand twenty
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Books, Etc. hosts a recepon for Village of Macedon Employees and Volunteers On Friday, May 13 th a local Main Street business in the Village of Macedon hosted a recepon for the Village employees and volunteers. Business owner, John Cieslinski has done this for at least 8 years. It is his way of showing his appreciaon to all the hard work and dedicaon that the employees and volunteers do to make this Village a special place. Close to 30 people a(ended this event. Due to dissoluon as of March 31, 2017, this was the last recepon that the Main Street business owner will host. I was lucky to a(end and see for myself the mutual admiraon and comradery there was amongst each other and for John Cieslinski. The power of the people and a posive environment made it a very contagious feeling that was spread around the room. Thank you to the dedicated and loyal Village of Macedon Employees and Volunteers! Thank you John as a Main Street business owner for seeing the true value these individuals do for this Village to make it one of a kind. Village Life will always ma(er! Marie Cramer Village Resident and Former Mayor-Village of Macedon


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