two thousand twenty
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THOUGHTS OF SPRING We have a new bench in our garden this year! A gift from my Beloved. Last year the bench that we had placed in our son Johnny's "garden" by his grave site , just disappeared along with the wind chimes hung high in the tree next to it. We cared deeply for the responsive love that went with them both, but understood - somehow, that someone needed them more than we did. Now, we have a new bench - a red one, this time placed by the little frog pond that my husband dug many, many years ago. We have been blessed with colorful birds this past winter, and have tried to keep them and all the little critters who surround us fed. As husband and I were sitting on the new bench, right where the bird feeders are - the birds flew in, flew quickly out and then - for a few moments watched us from the trees nearby. We sat quietly, watching them watching us. Woodpeckers, little sparrows, mourning doves, finches of many colors including gold - our yellow birds, one bluebird and many others yet to be named have graced our home this past year. After watching us closely, and somehow knowing that we wouldn't hurt them - they flew back down to eat at their feeders - a little nervous at first, but they still came down. We have learned to trust in the simple things along the way. We have learned that the more we learn about nature and all of its deeply hidden secrets, the more there is to learn. We have learned that in the stillness of our garden, much wisdom resides. Like the "un carved block" of Lao-tse, author of the oldest existing book of Taoism. the harmony that naturally existed between heaven and earth from the very beginning could be found by anyone at any time. - and the mysteries were yet to be discerned. I promise that I am on my way to do so, and as my 81st birthday approaches, it is my prayer that the fullness of life as a whole shall continue to beckon the promises for me and mine, and that we - together shall be blessed in the garden of our choice - Para-Deys Acres - and the love which surrounds us all shall continue to benefit our friends and families. God bless all of the Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grams out there who are still around in the physical world to encourage others in the way of peace. The "others" may not appear to be listening, but there will be a time when at least one or more of them will say "Remember when Mom, Gram, Nana used to say that? Now I understand!" Heartfelt blessings to all of you as we share in this beautiful Mother's Day - a day of Celebration, and a day of hope continuing on with the promises of a better life for all. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! HAPPY SPRING! Carol Elaine Deys Serenity Chapel @ PARA-DEYS ACRES


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