two thousand twenty
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Sometimes magic happens, and when it does it is time to celebrate the joy of renewal within Self, and within the broader spectrum of nature as a whole. This morning my husband and I went "downtown" and found ourselves making a quick stop at Lowe's, and then to McDonald's for a take-out breakfast. Always, our Lock #30 Butterfly Trail calls us, and we headed out the door with this in mind. As I waited in Lowe's parking lot while hubby bought some cans of white paint for the marking of the Farmington Quaker Bi-Centennial tent for the exciting two hundred years Celebration this weekend, I looked to the sky - and behind me was the gorgeous sun rising - and in front of me I could still see the full moon in the Western sky. Quite a spectacle! Then when we drove into the Lock #30 Macedon Canal Park, the multi-colored leaves were falling like rainbow particles all around us. To the left of us, the old canal waters filled with fish just waiting to be caught, and the leaves falling over the water were amazing! With the sun shining through them, they looked like larger than life lightning bugs fluttering in the wind, and in so doing they created a magical scene of the changing seasons for both of us. There was a time when I only loved the Springtime because it was time for my birthday. Today I have come to realize that all of us have many birthdays - some count the years - some count the experiences. The colors of the Autumn leaves are beautiful this year. How quickly they have changed from green to shades of gold and copper, russet red, and amazing yellow particles that seem to value their own witness by the show they put on. Like the redivisioning of life in many ways, I celebrate the wonder this brings before me. New babies coming - older lives folding down to places unknown. Who would have guessed that I would have had the privilege to bear witness to all of this. It is my 82nd year. It is the generosity of the continual renewal of my personal life which has given me hope for today and tomorrow. Life goes on. Life continues to manifest enough energy to populate the world, and then some. I am wondering what "life" has in store for all of us as the elections loom forth, and the candidates continue to confuse with their powerful rhetoric for and against all of the principles involved. I am watching the "spin wheel" in the front yard that my husband designed and built. Perhaps the world defines as such - around and around we go, and where we stop, no one really knows. May the continuity of life continue to bless you all for "Today IS the day that the Lord has made - let us rejoice and be glad in it." Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES Macedon, New York


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