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JUST SAYING: Residents deserve better from leadership in Macedon Published: 12/05/2016 @ 09:25 am | Updated: 12/05/2016 @ 09:21 am The holiday season is an important time to be thankful. It’s also an important time to reflect on the year gone by. I have a lot to be thankful for and remain grateful everyday for the kindness I observe from the people within the community of Macedon. Recently, it was reported in the Times of Wayne County that the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, majority of the Trustees and “One Macedon” group are engaging in vindictive behavior towards a Volunteer Fire/Ambulance Department that no longer exists. Specifically, I’m referring to the former Village of Macedon Fire/Ambulance Department and the Macedon Benevolent Association, associated with the fire and ambulance department. There is no real cause for me to even waste time – defending the pristine reputation that this department had in Macedon, but the region and state, too. For some reason, “One Macedon” still led by the Village of Macedon Mayor, Town of Macedon Board, Village of Macedon Board, and the two newly formed Town duplicated services feel the need to justify their pure existence by swindling taxpayers and those living in the area by smearing and defaming a great fire and ambulance company. No other entity in emergency service ever had an ill word to say about the Village of Macedon Fire/Ambulance Department. Recently at the Village of Macedon meeting, Mayor Murray admitted in public that he and the One Macedon group are continuing on a “witch-hunt” to accuse the respected Macedon Benevolent Association of stealing the antique fire pumper, known as “Betsy.” Mayor Murray stated he won’t stop and basically will make sure criminal charges are brought up on this Benevolent Association that served our community with pride and integrity for 115 years. At a 2015 Village Board meeting, Mayor Murray, One Macedon and South Macedon Fire Department were present and had agreed that the Antique Fire Pumper was going to a firemen museum. A decision many revered as a ‘great’ one. The Antique fire pumper “Betsy” was never bought by the Village and there is evidence on file at the Village Hall underlining that in official documentation. There are also former board members that were in office during that time, which will testify that the Village never bought the old antique fire pumper. The “One Macedon group,” led by Mayor Murray in the fall 2015, filed a police report that the Benevolent Association members stole “Betsy.” The final report stated that no criminal activity occurred and the Macedon Town Police Department also agreed. The new Village Board, which consists of 80 percent ‘One Macedon’ members are not telling the truth to the community or taxpayers. They continue to hurt the Macedon community by trying to maliciously discredit these fine men and women that served that community from their heart and soul. As former Mayor, I asked at a board meeting that South Macedon Fire Department and One Macedon groups submit a list of what they thought was ‘stolen’ and what they thought was owned by the Village. In doing so, I assured the community that any list submitted would be diligently reviewed. Nothing was presented. Before I left office there was a fire inventory, which was 90 percent complete. Coordinating documentation outlined what the Village actually owned from that inventory. Nothing that One Macedon accuses the Village of Macedon Fire/Ambulance Department members, benevolent association and previous Village board of stealing from the taxpayers was on the list. There is no concrete documentation to confirm their hurtful words. These destructive groups have taken everything from the community and still not satisfied. Like the movie Frozen says “Let it go.” These groups cannot do this because they appear to be true bullies. Why? They need to justify their behavior and poor financial decisions by turning people against each other inside the Macedon community. Even as dissolution takes place. The reason they exist is because they’ve aligned themselves with likeminded people. A combination of friends, family and great salaries to justify their actions. When you break it down, these groups are working to break apart everything good the community of Macedon had going for it. Breaking down people’s mind and spirit by muddying the Macedon waters. In an effort to justify their cause, but also to bankrupt what Macedon has accomplished throughout the years. My hope is that someday this group will experience life that has true meaning by spreading joy, kindness and sincerity. Things that have been missing thus far in their message to the community. It may be wishful thinking, but I hope for their sake and the new Macedon One Community, with their leadership, will experience it before it’s too late. Marie Cramer is a resident of Macedon and former Mayor of the Village she calls home. Her “Just Saying” is a monthly column on FingerLakes1.com. Editor’s Note: The views/opinions expressed by FingerLakes1.com contributors and columnists represent their own views, and not those of the FingerLakes1.com organization. The newsroom is always accepting letters and guest essays from readers. Please ensure that they are under 1,000 words and include the author’s name and hometown. Click here to submit letter or editorial.


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