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North Rose - Wolcott Lodge #1187 F. & A.M. is holding its spring open house on Monday April 3rd, 2017 from 6:30PM - 8:30PM. This historic lodge, with origins tracing to 1812, is currently located at 6052 Lake Avenue, Wolcott—a building formerly occupied by the Lake Shore News (published 1874-1971).

The Masonic Temple will be open to anyone who has ever been curious about the Masonic Fraternity, wanted to take a peek into its hallowed hall, or is interested in finding out what the North Rose - Wolcott Masons are about.

The lodge will provide refreshments, show a video program, and have members on hand who will be glad to answer the questions you have about Freemasonry.

All residents of nearby communities are invited to visit the lodge. Bring a friend or family member, or just stop in to learn more about the Masons.

Take this opportunity to learn about the fascinating 205 year history of Masonry in Wolcott, tour the lodge, and speak with Masons who will explain the history of North Rose - Wolcott Lodge #1187 and certain aspects of the ancient Fraternity. You will also learn about our involvement in community events and numerous charitable activities.

Maybe you have a family history of Masonry and would like to learn more about your connection to our group. Come see if you have a connection to the great history of this lodge and see some of the artifacts of masonry in eastern Wayne County.

This is a great opportunity for the general public to ask questions and learn about the wonderful fellowship offered by the members of our Fraternity.

We welcome you to bring your family, and enjoy our hospitality. More information about Freemasonry is available at http://www.discovermasonry.com/.


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