two thousand twenty
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PEACEFUL RESURRECTION We have white, lavender and purple scented woodland violets all over our Para-Deys Acres' gardens this year. Someone, somewhere told them to blossom - and they have done so - profusely. All up and down the streets of Macedon forsythia is highlighting our area, and what a welcome sight it is. Although our winter wasn't as difficult as others we have experienced, at least at our home - it is still good to see spring advancing. There is a profound reassurance in the quality control of the natural seasons. I love the Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall and declare openly that each season has many points for Celebration. As we come into this newly organizing value system in the world we have chosen to create, it continues to be my prayer - and the prayers of many I know, that in the quiet spaces we still will make a difference. In the quiet spaces we shall learn to dignify the power of a Collective Vision where all who are wiling to try - each in our own way - shall be a cog in the wheel of applicating grace where Mercy shall be shown to those in need - where Love shall sweep over the need to destroy, and the best will continue to benefit all who are in need. We also speak of resurrection in many ways. Today I am watching the gentle rain fall, and the grass growing greener by the moment. We call days like today "Green days" and flourish - along with the rest of God's Creation in numerous ways. Blessed are those who have found justice in their every day world, and blessed are the Peacemakers for it is this reuniting, resurrecting principle which is ours to claim - right here, right now in the world of our choice. May there be a fulfilling peace in the heart/felt places of your choice. Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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