two thousand twenty
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We walked by it hundreds of times.............may disappear soon.....
 research by John Zornow

As young boys, the spot where Military Brook entered the canal was magical. It was an easy few minutes from our home on West Miller Street and the fishing was great! There were plenty of flat rocks to sit on while waiting for the big one to bite.

In the early 1950's there was plenty of barge traffic to enjoy; hauling fuel, coal, and large freight. When we became bored with fishing we would inspect the new and used autos as West Union Street was "automobile row" back then. If we had money in our pockets, those auto dealers usually had soda machines or at least drinking fountains. There was something about the smell of brand new cars in showrooms.

The shaded trail to the canal along Military Brook was lined with mature trees, many of them "horse chestnuts."

Take time to check this historic site out while you still can. It is bordered by private property, so be respectful. Military Brook, as it enters the canal, is bordered by Colacino Electric on the west and Canal View restaurant on the east. You will find an archway dating back to the original Erie Canal built in 1817- 1825. As the accompanying map shows, the archway was built to carry Military Brook UNDER the canal. 


 Note that Military Brook travels through what was later Perkins Park, under West Miller St., and under West Union St. and the canal before continuing to the Newark Cemetery before entering the Ganargua Creek. 

                This bridge over Military Brook and stairway still exist at Newark Cemetery. (1915)


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1 Comment to "200 Year Old Erie Canal Site"

  1. Susan Said,

    Thanks for this. It's a beautiful and quiet place, worth the trip.

    Posted on Wed May 31, 09:05:00 AM EDT


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