two thousand twenty
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NELLY'S VISION My Friends - Sometimes we may think that those who have gone before us failed to imprint upon us the value of all they have achieved. Many still believe this, and yet - sometimes in minute ways, voices speak from the past to me. C.S. LEWIS left the message "Children are not distractions from more important work, they ARE the most important work." I think that Nelly Cattanach, our first Macedon Reading Room Librarian and Encourager for the development of today's Macedon Public Library now speaks in many ways in our entire Community. I am remembering today the vision that she brought forth for the children of our area. As a member of our local First Baptist Church, she had always thought of others before herself - especially the children to come, and it was her dream to start a collection of books that could be shared with her community. Along with the wonderful help of others, especially our Rosalie Gabbert and a lady named Mrs. Edson, she did just that, and the first public collection was in the Church itself. From there it migrated to the Town Hall which was then situated in the old Universalist Church on Center St. - currently owned by Mr. Joseph Mazzeo, in the Old Village of Macedon. Many of us remember taking our children there. With true anticipation we climbed the steep steps - one at a time, for some of the little ones were still very,very small. Inside were delights of the heart, for many had not had actual access to the wonderful, colored picture books, the novels and research materials which Mrs. Cattanach and others had so judicially collected. We found ourselves thrust into another world of possibilities, and the mornings and/or afternoons were spent making choices as to which would come home with us that day. Little hands carried their treasures out the door, and oh, how very excited they were! The first donation to the actual Library appropriation was $5000. from the Macedon Town Board. Of course, it was the people's taxes which paid for this expanding vision - and the original investment has increased tenfold, bringing to our Community an extensively beautiful building now filled with almost unimaginable treasures for public use. I found these words in the September 23, 1971 Wayne County Library System letter - "demands for improved library service will increase as Macedon takes on the aspect of a suburban community." I also note that at the time the 1970 census was taken, the number had increased to 5,437. We have close to doubled that amount now, with many from adjoining communities experiencing the service which is provided. Can you imagine how Mrs. Cattanach would feel if she were able to view the powerful expansion of her original Vision? I am sure that the same has happened in many communities surrounding. Always we have valued the libraries in our communities, and at this time in space - we are now requesting that the value of appreciation comes forth from those who are true clients of our Macedon Public Library. We have stories to tell, and joy to share for it is time to tell OUR STORY, and we have only just begun to openly express the value this library has brought to our Community as a whole. As a long/time member of The Macedon Public Library's Board of Trustees, I am celebrating all that has been accomplished in this Community. Our Library is a strong Center of Encouragement to many in so many ways I have lost count. Wouldn't it be lovely if some of you who have been active participants of the library would request openly to those in the know by 'phone and/or letters - e-mails, whatever touches your heart and abilities - please let us - them know your appreciation for ALL of the work that has gone before in this Community of purposeful direction. As a conjoined Community - the Town and the Old Village, we have so much potential!!! I resist the need to"shout it from the rooftops" - but I know that there are many out there who have the ability to make a difference, and "we ain't seen nuthin' yet." Looking forward to hearing your voices. Thank you! In peace, and joyful anticipation Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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