two thousand twenty
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A seminar on Abundance Focus on Belief Systems …the ability to think positive and accept the limitless value of your life. An abundance of time, wealth, friends, happiness! The seminar will discuss the methods of achieving the abundance you desire. You will understand the beliefs that hold you back from the success you wish to attain. The seminar is all about building habits…forming effective habits…habits that increase your control of yourself and your life…habits which keep you in a positive outlook… The seminar explores your strengths and achievements. These are the keys to your future happiness and success. We explore where you are most happy. We begin a journey to determine your purpose in life…the reason you were born…As in all other systems…purpose is the starting point…. We explore your Intentions…the values which guide all of your decisions…all goals… Goals…your goals are the targets you set for yourself to move forward…the ways you change your life… Life map…the total system of purpose, intentions and goals…the new road you are on… Recognizing the good events in your life…your acceptance and your gratitude for them… Taught by Carol Cieslinski and L. John Cieslinski Cost $55 per person or $95 for two people who register together (Includes lunch) July 15…10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Powerhouse 27, 27 St. Bridget’s St. Rochester NY 14605 Registration 585-474-4116


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