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The community members of Macedon value the services and resources the Macedon Public Library provides. We understand that providing resources to all community members requires the allocation of resources from the Town of Macedon’s budget. We believe that having access to a well-funded library is a smart investment in our community because we understand having a library allows for the individual growth that leads to economic prosperity for the whole community.
Did you know?
1. In July and August 2017 alone, the Macedon Public Library had the largest number of materials borrowed of any Wayne County Library 9,787 items with 7,340 community members visiting the library.  In 1 year, a total of 101,326 items borrowed and 73,521 people visited the library.
2. Macedon Public Library received $48,414 less than Clyde-Savannah Public Library. The Macedon Public Library serves 3,641 more people than Clyde-Savannah Public Library. The per capita income level is significantly higher in Macedon compared to Clyde-Savannah.
3. Due to lack of funding, the Library staff at times opts to donate materials and food to ensure the programs are successful to the community.
4. There is a huge amount of revenue from the growth in Macedon and money that is coming from Waste Management (WM) that has a requirement clause in the host agreement that states monies the Town earns from WM is to go to community programs. The Library is a great community centered organization to designate some of this revenue.
5. The Macedon Library attracts people from the entire Finger Lakes region, counties from all directions of Wayne County, Ontario, Monroe, Yates and Seneca. This helps generate sales tax revenue for local merchants and Macedon whether the visitors stop at local restaurants, diners, gas stations or local Main Street business. When the Town board fully supports the Macedon Public Library, they support strengthening the economy.
6. The Library is a Municipal Library. The Town board is called to work for the well-being of all community members and to ensure that the library is financial sustainable. Proper allocation of funds to the library ensures to increases in healthcare costs, increases in the minimum wage and yearly budgetary allocations.

I personally support an increase in funding for the library due to a reallocation of budgetary funds within the scope of the Town of Macedon’s 2018 budget. (Please fill in your own reason for having a quality library)………………

**Send letters by email to:  macedonlibrarydirector@owwl.org or Mail: Macedon Public Library Attn: Stacey Wicksall, Director 30 Main Street Macedon, NY 14502.

PS: Come support the library at our budget proposal meeting to the Town. Visit: www.macedonpubliclibrary.org to find the date of this hearing and attend to let your voice of support be heard!


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