two thousand twenty
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Her name is Boo-tiful Paddy Paws, and she is a kitty who lives in our barns or any place she chooses to hide.  I see her paw prints in the snow, and every time I come home - there they are again.  She has come to me on varied wing, and I now find her entrenching in my soul.  Yes, she does live in or near the barn and consistently walks through the white, crispy snow to reach our bird feeder.

The feeder is filed with delicious goodies from our table, and sits right outside our kitchen window. One day I looked out, and there she was - all black with white bib and boots.  She was eating the bread we had put there earlier. She doesn't seem to bother the birds, unless she does it on the sly. One never knows!

We had to put our Husky Pakia down a few months ago, and she seems to have come to visit - yes, out of hunger, but also through the unseen knowledge that lifts through the air and in our sub/conscious worlds to bring us comfort.  When I come home from a shopping trip, I call her by the name I have given her.  It is my hope that she will learn to value my voice, and be less afraid of our presence in her world.

In this world of changing venue, I respect the fact that all kinds of disastrous things are now occurring.  I also respect the fact that I have been given a gift. Perhaps she is a neighbor's kitten.  Perhaps someone negligently dropped her off.  But in the meantime, she brings joy to my life - and I am considerably blessed by her gentle presence.

A beautiful red cardinal came to visit the bird feeder the other day, and after he lifted - wings sparkling in the white snow falling, five stark blue jays came to feed - and then there are the squirrels and the little song sparrows - sometimes a dozen at a time.  It seems there is always enough for all.  Our grandson told me that he actually saw a young buck standing in our front yard in the early morning as he waited for the school bus. There are diversified paw prints all over our yard.  How interesting!

May the peace which passes all understanding continue to bless your lives, and despite all rumors to the contrary, we are beginning to heal upon this Planet called Hope.  There are times when the current mode of delivery claims only the negative.  In my world, this is not one of them. Words of faith resonate within my heart. May they help to reflect upon the Promised Way, acknowledging fully the benefit of One life in Christ.

A new year beckons - "Let there be peace on earth - and let it begin with me - and thee."

Carol Elaine Deys
PARA-DEYS ACRES' Serenity Chapel


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